You are currently viewing Lucio Moriyama’s `Horizon`; The Instrumental Rock Album For the Soul

Lucio Moriyama’s `Horizon`; The Instrumental Rock Album For the Soul

What are you listening to right now? One album that I have been listening to this week is Horizon by Japanese Brazilian rock guitarist Lucio Moriyama. This ten-track album is the instrumental rock album that we need in our lives rights. It is the “Instrumental Rock For the Soul”. But, why? Why is this one album such an important one that we need to listen to and pay attention to? What so special about Horizon? Well, let’s explore the album together to find out!

Why is Horizon is Such a Wonderful Album?

One thing that makes this album such an amazing listen is that Lucio Moriyama uses different techniques, genres, and styles in each track. There is a mixture of rock sounds and genres from different decades with each track featuring a different sound that is unique.

For example, if you listen to “Neon Tokyo”, you can hear a mixture of guitar and synth that is played in a certain way to embody the 80’s neon musical sound. Also, if you listen to such tracks as “Moon”, you can hear a mixture of acoustic melodies with heavy rock licks, which is really beautiful and really embodies a night with a full moon. With these tracks and the others, Horizon features a seamless blend of different rock sounds, genres, and techniques that is really ear-pleasing.

Another thing that makes Horizon such a unique album is how Moriyama infuses his own identity in the album. According to his press release, the artist “presents his identity with strong and dynamic guitar solos in a unique style, showing off that his passion goes beyond his own music. He composed all the songs and their arrangements, making use of a range of instruments to enrich the sound context and the vital protagonist of his guitar.” You can hear the emotions and techniques from his Japanese ancestry in such tracks as “Ikebana”, “Hannya”, and “Dirty Heart (Akai Ito)” in a story-like mode. This is a brilliant technique that many listeners should really take notice of in each track.

One last thing that the listener has to pay attention to Horizon is Lucio Moriyama’s amazing skills. You may not know this but I really love really great rock guitarist. And, I know that I found a really talented rock guitarist when I adore their work by listening to it over and over. This is the case with Lucio Moriyama’s Horizon as the artist’s artistry and playing style is very talented: it is very diverse, passion-driven, and features interesting (and maybe complex) techniques. Listeners have to take notice of Moriyama’s talents in each track as they contain so much potential and are incredible.

Final Thoughts

Lucio Moriyama’s Horizon is an astonishing album that everyone should check out NOW. The album features an amazing blend of different techniques, sounds, genres, and moods that come together in each track seamlessly. But, the album also features a fusion of rock sounds with techniques and emotions that represents Moriyama’s Japanese ancestry. This makes Horizon such a unique exhibit of Lucio’s own identity. Finally, this album features the talents of Lucio Moriyama with his stunning artistry and playing techniques. With all of these, Horizon will touch the listener’s soul with its rock moods, diverse sounds, and its personal stories with its amazing melodies, sounds, and techniques

Make sure to check out Horizon by Lucio Moriyama down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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About the Artist: Lucio Moriyama

Lucio Moriyama
Lucio Moriyama – FT Dani Sandrini

Lucio Moriyama is a Japanese-Brazilian emerging guitarist and composer coming from São Paulo. After some stage experience in projects and bands such as Glavia, the artist decided to expand flights on a solo career, seeking new perspectives. Inspired by his own life experiences, Moriyama creates songs to connect people around the world. With his guitar as the main instrument, the musician mixes a variety of sound elements and styles in Horizon, his debut instrumental album.

Make sure to check out Lucio Moriyama at the following:

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Lucio Moriyama's `Horizon`; The Instrumental Rock Album For the Soul

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