You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Lucky Iris Is Back With Their Newest Single “Coffee Shop”

The Daily Feature: Lucky Iris Is Back With Their Newest Single “Coffee Shop”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Coffee Shop” by UK Alt-Pop duo Lucky Iris. The duo was mentioned last year as they talked to ai love music about their debut EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home. Now a year and a half later, Lucky Iris is back with a new single, entitled “Coffee Shop”. This is what the duo had to say about the song:

Coffee Shop was really just created from our desire to get out into the world during the lockdown. Although we were desperate to travel again, we found ourselves really wanting just to sit in our favourite local coffee shop and feel that little sense of normality that comes with being out and about running errands and stressing about running errands. The little things which seemed suddenly so big when they got taken away from us!

“Coffee Shop” is a dreamy pop song that features soothing vocals, addictive vocal melodies, and mellow vibes. Lead vocalist Maeve leads listeners through the song’s journey with vocals that feature dulcet yet resonant tones. These vocals perform addictive melodies, especially during the chorus, where singers will want to sing along to the “la la la”s. Yet, the melodies in each part of the tune connect in a way to tell a story consistently: the routine of daily lives. How Lucky Iris uses the vocals, the dreamy mood, and construct the melodies in a way to tell a story of dreaming about one’s daily routine is quite fascinating and is something to listen for.

Lucky Iris is back again with another magnificent release that any kind of music lover should listen to! “Coffee Shop” is a one of kind pop song with its addictive melodies and soothing vibes But, under all that musicality is a relatable theme of reminiscing about one’s daily routine in a coffee shop. This theme is composed wonderfully in both the lyrics but also in the musicality of “Coffee Shop”. With its enjoyable melodies and relatable messages, Lucky Iris’s newest single is one that listeners have to listen to today!

Make sure to check out “Coffee Shop” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris is an Alternative pop (or Alt-pop) band from Leeds, England. The duo — Maeve and Jasper — formed in early April 2020 right before they released their debut EP. But, the pair knew each other since they were in school together about eight years ago. They were in a choir together in high school. But, the two just got together as Lucky Iris in 2020.

Both Maeve and Jasper came from different musical backgrounds. Jasper has experience in soul and jazz. Maeve, on the other hand, likes pop and rock. However, they came together in the hopes of trying different genres together. They want to experiment in mixing the vibes of electronica, lo-fi (taking elements from this genre), and acoustic together to make something new. 

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Lucky Iris Is Back With Their Newest Single "Coffee Shop"

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