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Lucky Iris Releases an Intimate Anthem for the Lonely Hearts

UK Alt-Pop/Electropop duo Lucky Iris recently released a dance anthem for the broken-hearted. Although “(i’m not good at writing) love songs” was released on Valentine’s Day, it is a perfect song for White Day, which is today. But, it’s not something for lovers. Instead, this track is the perfect one for the broken hearts and those still on the quest for love:

To say “I’ve been unlucky in love” is probably putting it nicely… I used to give all of my time and energy to a series of relationships, but I got nothing in return. At the time I was honestly perplexed as to where I kept going wrong… in retrospect, it was more a matter of putting my time into the wrong people… but that’s a song in itself.

“(i’m not good at writing)” is a luscious pop track with a shimmery soundscape from start to finish. There is a sort of smoothness in the female vocals that makes it easy to listen to and inviting. Of course, listeners cannot skip on the chorus as they featured catchy melodies that will have anyone singing along in no time. But underneath all this alluring musicality is the honest and raw emotions featured in the lyrics that showcase the writing talent of the duo. It also shows a side of intimacy that makes it so relatable.

Lucky Iris creates another ear-pleasing tune with the striking musicality and intimate lyrics in “(i’m not good at writing)”. What do you think of this track? Make sure to check out “(i’m not good at writing) love songs” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris is an Alternative pop (or Alt-pop) band from Leeds, England. The duo — Maeve and Jasper — formed in early April 2020 right before they released their debut EP. But, the pair known each other since they were in school together about eight years ago. They were in a choir together in high school. But, the two just got together as Lucky Iris in 2020.

Both Maeve and Jasper came from different musical backgrounds. Jasper has experience in soul and jazz. Maeve, on the other hand, likes pop and rock. However, they came together in the hopes of trying different genres together. They want to experiment in mixing the vibes of electronica, lo-fi (taking elements from this genre), and acoustic together to make something new. 

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Lucky Iris Releases an Intimate Anthem for the Lonely Hearts

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