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LUUDE Talks About Re-Imagining the 80s Classic “Down Under”

Last year, Australian electronic dance producer LUUDE remixed the classic 80s song “Down Under” by Men at Work. Australian electronic producer Christian Benson, aka Luude, has quickly risen to the forefront of a new wave of producers coming out of Australia. After bursting onto the scene in 2017 with a series of remixes and original tracks that amassed millions of streams, LUUDE quickly took hold of the local club circuit, becoming an in-demand name for all promoters.

LUUDE talked to ai love music over email about his musical influences as well as how he crafted the “Down Under” remix as a drum and bass track. Check out what did Colin Hwy (the lead singer for Men at Work) think about the remix. While reading, check out the remix below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Hey! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hey, my name is Christian Benson – I make music as LUUDE. I’m Australian and have two dogs!


What got you into music? What has your musical journey looked like since then?

I played drums as a kid, but never really got into electronic music until a little bit later on. One day I saw an Avicii Youtube tutorial and thought it looked pretty cool, so I downloaded FL studio and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Which musical genres and/or artists influence you most?

I listen to lots of music – Modern psychedelic rock like Tame Impala is a staple for me, but I’m always going through new releases across dance music to see what people are doing particularly with sound design.

Tell us the process of remixing music. How do you craft these remixes? Is there a certain style or energy you aim to achieve or do you just have fun with it?

I honestly just have fun with them, generally, I just see if there are acapella or parts around on Youtube or whatever and see if I can get something going – sometimes things work, and sometimes they don’t, but it’s cool to mess around with classic parts and create something new.

Let’s talk about your re-invented version of the 80’s hit “Down Under” with Colin Hay. Why did you pick this song?

I was honestly just bored during a period of COVID without any shows to play, so I was trying to remix songs into DnB that you just wouldn’t ever think to do. It was just a bit of a laugh, but when I did this one it actually sounded pretty interesting. I posted it online and people instantly loved it. Some people thought Colin sounded like Kid Cudi which is funny.

Which sounds or textures did you want to really highlight in this track?

I think Colin’s voice on the fresh bass, especially in the verses just sounds so good – and then I had to keep the flute in there because it’s so iconic and makes the song heaps fun.

What was it like re-imagining this track into a high-energy dance song? 

Yeah, it’s been good fun, I never expected it to go this global – I can’t wait to play it on tour.

What does Colin Hay think of your version of the song?

It’s pretty funny really he’s been such a legend about it. Since it’s this iconic song he wrote and changed his life, he easily could have shut it down. But he thought it was a bit of fun and allowed it to go ahead. He’s been really happy to see it get a new life!

What is one thing you want listeners to listen for in this version of “Down Under”?

I think just hear whatever you want, it’s supposed to be fun – so I hope people have a good time listening to it.

Any future plans?

Yes, lots of touring and new music on the way – I’ll be in Europe for four months this year. I’d absolutely love to come to Japan one day so hopefully, that could be something that happens.

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LUUDE Talks About Re-Imagining the 80s Classic "Down Under"

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