You are currently viewing Lyn Koonce’s Debut Album “Begin Again”: Inspiring Our Own Life Journeys

Lyn Koonce’s Debut Album “Begin Again”: Inspiring Our Own Life Journeys

How are you holding up? 2020 has shaken things up in our lives quite a lot. We have suffered such emotions as joy, confusion, pain, loss, and anxiety. This is the year that has made us question our purposes in life and what is very important to us. It has taken us away from our comfort zones — places that we were comfortable in for a long time — and place us in a world of the unknown.

American singer-songwriter Lyn Koonce expresses these feelings of starting anew after being rocked from a settled position in her debut album “Begin Again”. But, how can this album inspire us to look upon our own roadmaps of life and re-examine them? Read on to find out!

Learning to Let Go

“A huge part of this album is finding the truth of who I am and what I settled for. When I started to believe in who I am as an artist & as a person, that’s when it became clear.”

Lyn Koonce

“Begin Again” was born from Koonce’s experiences in life. After a history of teaching, Koonce decided that was it was time to quit the profession in order to become a full-time musician. It wasn’t easy as it challenged the singer-songwriter to find herself as a musician and the meaning behind her music.

But, after her journey with self-discovery through music, Lyn found herself. According to her press release, “Koonce’s decision to pursue music full-time was met with newfound strength, independence and purpose; now in a new, healthy relationship that aligns with her core values, she feels like she’s finally behind the wheel”.

With the release of “Begin Again”, Koonce hopes that listeners don’t think of “letting go” as just letting go. Instead, the start of a new beginning. She hopes that these songs can inspire and lift spirits to those who are facing a rocky adventure of self-discovery and self-worth during their new beginnings. Although there are rough times and uncertainty in the road ahead, as long as you believe in yourself and understand who are as a person, you will be alright.

The Magic Behind “Begin Again”

Mellowed melodies mixed with inspiring stories, “Begin Again” is a brilliant masterpiece filled with soothing melodies, encouraging lyrics, and talented musicianship. A country-pop album, Koonce’s album has every element of country-pop sprinkled throughout the tracks (and suitable for a diverse range of listeners): upbeat, rock, blues, and slow-tempo. Although each song offers a different slice of life, each is connected together with Koonce’s mellow vocals that are aided with an array of talented musicians to produce exhilarating melodies.

My personal favorite is “The River”. It is a tune that features an allegory of an inspirational man named Bobby. I found the message embedded in the lyrics very inspiring, especially in the chorus. “The river is inside you, the current always flow.” and “The river can teach you how to heal your troubled mind” are some of the lyrics that really strikes me when I listened to the song. The reason why is because I always see life moving like water: always bending, always changing, and always willing to bend a different direction under my own control. My own life is of my own choosing as others can support me in my quest. “You can make through the waters when someone believes in you.”

Final Thoughts

Lyn Koonce’s “Born Again” is a superb album with inspiring stores, messages, and a soothing ambient. This album is a collection of magnificent tunes and skilled musicianship that is filled with lessons taken from Koonce’s life. It is an album that will inspire you during these tough times and even encourage you to find your path once more.

Make sure to check Lyn Koonce’s debut album “Begin Again” down below and let me know what you think in the comments below. What is your favorite track and why?

About the Artist: Lyn Koonce

Lyn Koonce

Singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Lyn Koonce mixes the sounds of alt-country and pop, with a hint of blues, to make music you’ll remember. With her guitar or piano as a backdrop, her voice is both powerful and comforting—and her award-winning songs follow suit.

For Lyn, a song is a conversation, and she writes lyrics that bring down your guard and lift up your spirits. Her own truth shines through every line she sings, and everyone can see themselves in her light.

Her first three albums capture snapshots from the decades of life, music, and stories that have led her here—to a fourth album that’s equal parts old soul and a new beginning. In Begin Again, she’s authentically and unapologetically herself, and her evolving sound proves it. She leans into change and everything that comes with it. And she keeps a thumb on her own proverbial mixing board, continuously adjusting her levels on the sounds of love, pain, and renewal.

When she’s not performing, Lyn is making her community a better place and ensuring everyone—no matter what—gets to experience the magic of music. But the stage is Lyn’s happy place, and it doesn’t matter if she’s singing for 10 people or a thousand. Whether she’s on a backyard stage for a good cause or sharing the spotlight with the Indigo Girls, you get the same Lyn every time—open-hearted, adventurous, and real. She sings her stories with a sense of wonder that leaves you inspired to take on your own new beginning.

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Lyn Koonce's Debut Album "Begin Again": Inspiring Our Own Life Journeys

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    great album! She deserves her place in the company of Mary Chapin Carpenter and other great singers and writers!

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