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Gonna Dress You Up in My Love

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! It has been an eventful weekend for me: went to Fukuoka (southern Japan) for two days and then watched CODA today. Yet, I am ready for today’s #SLS song pick as it is one of my favorites when I was a teen. The #SLS prompt is to find a song with the words “Suit”, “Pants”, “Dress”, and/or “Shirt” in the lyrics or title. I am kind of diverging from the prompt as I think the words mentioned above are nouns and I am going to use a song that has one of those words but as a verb. I hope it is ok.

What is my pick? It’s Madonna’s 1984 dance-pop bop “Dress You Up”. It has been one of my favorites of hers, especially when I was a teen. I think it was one of the first 12″ vinyl singles my mom ever bought for me. Let’s take a look at the song below!

From Your Head Down to Your Toes

Cover of the Japanese release of "Dress You Up"
Japanese cover

“Dress You Up” was the final single to be released from Madonna’s 1984 album Like a Virgin, but the first to showcase the singer as a sex symbol and fashion icon. Just listen for lyrics like “velvet kisses” and “the silky touch of my caresses” during the song and you will know! These lyrics were written by Andrea LaRusso and Peggy Stanziale, who was asked by producer Nile Rodgers to make a song similar to Chic’s style. The song almost didn’t make it to the album as LaRusso and Stanziale took a long time writing the lyrics (as they were busy with other projects). Madonna begged Rodgers to compose the song and have it included in the album.

Although the song is pretty mild in its sexual content, “Dress You Up” is included in the Filthy Fifteen list that was published by Parents Music Resource Center. One member of the Parents Music Resource Center, Susan Baker, was largely opposed to Madonna’s music as Baker was disturbed with the lyrical content featured in the singer’s music, especially when Baker’s young daughter listen to “Like a Virgin”. (If you don’t who is the Parents Music Resource Center, they are the ones who rallied for the Parental Advisory sticker on music releases.)

The lyrics may be a little risque, but I do like the melody. “Dress You Up” is one of my favorite songs that I like to sing along to, especially at the very end. How about you, what is your favorite thing about this song? Listen to it below and let me know in the comments!

Here is the song used in the 1999 Gap’s “Everybody in Vests” TV commercial:

The Rules for #SongLyricsSunday

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Gonna Dress You Up in My Love

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  1. ghostmmnc

    Always a good choice with a Madonna song. I’ve always liked this one. 🙂

  2. newepicauthor

    Who do those parents think they are, trying to impose restrictions on music that everyone likes. Our society doesn’t need more censorship, we need more understanding. Nice music Amy.

  3. Art Activism

    omg Madonna, I love her…I know most of her songs including Dress You Up, it is an awesome song.

    1. Indu

      After reading your post, I am curious to check this Madonna song.

  4. I don’t think I heard this Madonna song yet. You always showcase great songs through your blog that I end up loving!

  5. I honestly didn’t even realize the song was suggestive, lol. I guess most songs could be ridiculed if we broke them down or looked at them too closely. I tend to just enjoy them and not overthink it, most of the time. Some are blatantly bad… one comes to mind, but it’s so bad I don’t want to write it (violent).

  6. Lightly Sketched

    I remember this Madonna song! OMG it’s a classic. Really enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane 🙂

  7. bye:myself

    Madonna – I’m old enough to remember how fresh and new she was in the beginning – and also touched some delicate topics. Sadly, I find she’s becoming a parody of herself over the years. She doesn’t age well – in my very personal, irrelevant opinion 😉

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