Mandala Raps’ “Modern Struggle”: A Raw, Unfiltered Look Of the Modern World

Every day, we make a billion choices. Should eat this, should we buy this, should we look at that, or should we walk in this way or that way? Some of the choices we make in our daily lives are good and some are bad. These choices mark the continuing battle of good versus evil in our lives. What is good? What is bad?

American hip-hop singer-songwriter recently expressed his views on the battle of good vs. evil in our modern world in the song “Modern Struggle”. This tune was released as a single ahead of his recently released EP Chronicles of a Blind Man. Let’s take a look at both of the releases more in detail down below.

Be sure to check out “Modern Struggle” and Chronicles of a Blind Man by Mandala Raps down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Our Lives in the “Modern Struggle”

“Modern Struggle” is about how evil is infiltrating our world today. Whether or not people are aware, we are all engaged in a battle of good versus evil. Satan is attempting to hijack our technology and make it a source of sin and lust. The song speaks specifically about the Apple iPhone, and likens it to the forbidden fruit in Genesis, which was a source of sin for Adam and Eve. The goal of the song is to spread awareness about the battle for people’s souls that is taking place, with an emphasis on how Satan wants men to fall into lust.

“Modern Struggle” is Mandala Raps’ poignant outlook on how humans struggle between the choices of good vs. evil in daily life. Throughout the song, Mandala Raps mentions examples, that is almost everywhere in our lives, where Satan is taking advantage of our lives. How the hip-hop singer-songwriter delivers each rap is in a punchy way, highlighting the warnings of the continuing battle of good versus evil in our lives. But, all hope is not lost as the last section suggests hope. “Modern Struggle” is an honest tune that showcases Mandala Raps’ skills but also a message where the rapper doesn’t hold anything back.

Chronicles of a Blind Man: A Raw, Unfiltered Look Of the Modern World

After spending years in darkness and having an infatuation with the Joker villain, Mandala has stumbled into the light and needs time for his eyes to adjust. His vision is poor and he has trouble seeing reality for what it is. The first place he looks is his own body, asking “what is this?” in the intro track. The entire EP is a raw, unfiltered look at Dominic Bertino AKA Mandala, who writes a lot about evil in the modern world, but also has an assurance, as expressed in his last words on the EP, that “in the end, it will be all okay”.

Chronicles of a Blind Man is Mandala Rap’s recently released EP. It features six tracks that have different vibes and moods but almost the same message: the evils in our worlds. But however, like “Modern Struggles”, the EP starts off with a bare, raw look of the brokenness of the modern world. But, by the last song (“Little Faith”), the EP shifts to hope as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, everything will be ok.

Be sure to check out the duet between Mia Bertino and Mandala Raps in “Blind Love”. I enjoyed this duet as each artist’s parts blended together quite well.

About the Artist: Mandala Raps

Mandala Raps

A Hip-Hop artist born in Joliet, Illinois, Mandala first gained confidence as a rapper when he performed as the Joker in a rap battle. The crowd loved his dark and twisted style he used to attack his opponent.

After a spiritual awakening, Mandala’s lyrics have become more hopeful and concentrated on religious themes. He has been compared to rapper NF for his religious content, Danny Brown for his vocal quality, and Eminem for his lyrical style.

Mandala’s musical inspirations range from Eminem and Nas to Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots. He listens to various genres, including Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Dance, and Christian & Gospel.

Mandala hopes to use music as a means for positively influencing the world. He views music as one of the best tools we have for achieving such a purpose. Currently, Mandala is writing new songs and performing at live venues in his area.

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