You are currently viewing Now Groovin’ to This AWESOME March Hot Tracks Playlist!

Now Groovin’ to This AWESOME March Hot Tracks Playlist!

I am back with another awesome playlist, this time with songs you should listen to in March! A playlist that features music from around the world, various genres, and vibes!

Some artists that are featured are Alba, All Eyes, AMA Jane, AMFM, Annette Gregory, Antsy, Audrax, Bacchanal, Berber, Better Animal, Bitter Trick, Bo and the Locomotives, Brave New Broken Hearts Club, Callus, Chloe Little, Clint State, Conttra, Cosima Bellamacina, Dull of Down, The Excuses, Giles Read, GracieSouz, Groovy Daughter, Gus D. Wynns & the Breakers, Hazey, Jaelee Small, Joshua Burnell, Julie Tuzet, Jupiter Sprites, Katie Kittermaster, LANI, LEIDAN, Love Drunk Hearts, Mantis State, MKJAY, MN Cappo, My Sister Bytes, Nathaniel Paul, Navid Biglari, NEO 10Y, New Wolves, Papuadij, Parlour Magic, Phantom Friends, Pioneer 11, Ross Hollow, Routine Faces, Sandra Iris, Sévigné, Shawnee Taylor, Silas Armstrong, Simonluca, Sketchshow, T.O.L.D., taffeite, Thel, Tonal Huldra, Two Triangles, Valley Maker, The Vitrines, With What Eyes, The Yves, and Квалиа.

Check out the playlist below!

What is your favorite song?

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Now Groovin' to This AWESOME March Hot Tracks Playlist!

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  1. Genesis

    This is an awesome post. I will totally have a refresh to my work-at-home playlist.

  2. Stephanie

    What an awesome playlist! I enjoy having new music to listen to often so it doesn’t get boring.

  3. Joline

    Nice! I like how this has different genres and sounds. Looking forward to listening to the whole playlist.

  4. Neely Moldovan

    Oh I love a good playlist! Def going to give this one a listen. I bet I will love it!

  5. Oh my, thank you so much for this amazing playlist! 😍 I am going to check it out surely! Love listening to new songs ❤️

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