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The Daily Feature: The Hauntingly Dark Soundscape Features in Marian Hill’s “little bit”

Today’s Daily Feature is “little bit” by American Indie Pop artist Marian Hill featuring GASHI. The song’s lyrics detail the surprising feeling of the indifference of seeing an ex after a breakup. Marian Hill had this to say about the production:

In writing this album we made an effort to push ourselves outside our sonic comfort zone – “Little Bit” took shape as a result of these experiments. To this day we can’t even agree on what genre the song is and the lyrics landed on a specific perspective we realized we’d actually never quite written about before: seeing an ex for the first time after a long time has passed and feeling…nothing?

Adding another perspective to this story felt right, and when GASHI sent us his verse it struck us how perfectly his emotional tone contrasted with Sam’s more distant malaise. GASHI joined us on stage to premiere the song at one of our first shows since before the pandemic and we were able to capture these live moments that meant so much to us in the music video.

“little bit” starts off as a slow-burning with hypnotic synth riffs that go round and round in a loop. Over top, these riffs are haunting, melodic female vocals with pure tones. It is a breath-taking contrast with the gorgeous vocals over moody soundscapes. By the middle, vocalist GASHI comes in with slick, down-to-earth vocals that add a pleasant depth to the track. If you are looking for a little bit of alt-pop that gives you dark and light at the same time, then you have to check out Marian Hill’s harmonious new track.

Make sure to check out “little bit” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Marian Hill

Marian Hill

Marian Hill are a duo from Philadelphia consisting of singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd. Their unique sound combines sparse, minimal electronic beats with seductive vocals (which are often chopped up and manipulated) along with sultry saxophone. After releasing their debut single, “Whisky,” in 2013, the pair made their Billboard debut with their first full-length release, 2016’s Act One, which included the Top 30 single “Down.” The second album Unusual followed in 2018, and the duo continued issuing singles like 2021’s seductive “omg” and danceable “it never ends.”

Make sure to check out Marian Hill at the following:

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The Daily Feature: The Hauntingly Dark Soundscape Features in Marian Hill's "little bit"

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  1. danielleridgway

    I actually love this song. The way they described it with seeing an ex and feeling nothing is amazing. I totally felt that.

  2. rachel

    I absolutely LOVE Marian Hill! And this song!

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