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Ukrainian Alt-Pop Singer Marineris Talks About “Petrified”

Ukrainian Alt-Pop singer Marineris recently spoke to ai love music via email about how the artist got into music, the artist’s musical inspiration, and the release of the recent single “Petrified”. Behind the name “Marineris,” there is a 23-year old artist Alex, obsessed with producing his own music at every stage: from writing songs to directing music videos.

Continue to read on to find out what inspired the feelings behind Marineris’ recent single. Also, check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments!


First of all, please introduce yourself!

Hello there! My name is Alex and I’m making music under the name of Marineris. 

How did you get into music? And how has your music career progressed since then?

It seems that from the very moment I was born, we had a simple acoustic guitar at home so my dad would play every time we had some guests over. He knew just the basic chords and it was enough to play almost any song. But I have not even touched the guitar till I turned 11, just observing it instead.

Once we had a couple of weeks of quarantine at school, and that’s when I decided to try and learn how to play it. Now I had something to do besides playing GTA and Need For Speed. Literally 2 months after, I got to visit my first “rock concert”. And then it struck me. That’s when I thought that “I can’t really sing”, but I could play the guitar and be on stage. 🙂

What musical genres or artists influence you?

I think that emotionally-wise, Oasis had the biggest influence on me. In all of their songs, like Live Forever, Supersonic or Don’t Look Back In Anger, there is so much inner strength and hope that they make you feel so special and capable of making any dream come true, you know? At the same time, their music has so much melancholic romanticism in it, that it makes you smile through tears. That’s why these songs became a sort of foundation for me. 

Let’s talk about the latest single “Petrified”. What is it about?

“Petrified” is about the emotional numbness that can happen to us in the world that overwhelms us with an excruciating amount of information. At some point, it becomes impossible to hear ourselves, understanding what it is that WE want instead of celebrities, media, or advertisers. 

What inspired you to write the song?

Petrified started off with a Latin-type beat when I just began editing my first music video “Another Song About You”. I was waiting for my friend who was helping me with editing, so I wanted to draft something really fast. 🙂

But then, when I accidentally sang a word that was similar to “Petrified” – that’s when I realized what this song was supposed to be about. It seems that the melody dictated the message. 

What was the songwriting process like? What was the most important thing in the tune: was it the lyrics, instrumentations, a certain melody, or something else?

I would say that in the specific case of Petrified, the order was the following: instrumentations, melody, lyrics. I think that could apply to all parts of the song. 


You are set to release an album soon. Can you tell us anything about the album?

Yes, that is very exciting for me, as by the moment it is released, it will already be two years since I have started working on it. It’s called My Band Could Be Your Home and I would certainly want for it to become a bedroom pop classic over time (haha), as from its very first and till its last tune, it was created in my bedroom.

A thing that I really like about it is that every next song in this album is completely different from the previous one. I think that it is great and honest, as we, humans, cannot exist in the same emotional state over a long period of time, as it gradually changes during the day, the week, etc. 

What do you want listeners to listen to in your music?

You know, I think this album will be about all the pain, happiness, fear, and love that I have experienced for some time about all the different things that existed around me and affected me in some way. I want all of the people who find themselves in different situations and emotional states to listen to my music and feel that they are not alone in what they are going through. And at least to feel “normal”, however that is possible in the world we’re currently all living in. But lastly, I would really like for these songs to make people find faith in themselves and belief that anything is possible. 

What are your plans for the future?

In the nearest future, I really hope to finish the album completely, as there is just a tiny bit left. After the album is released, it would be incredible to start playing it live. This is my first album, so I’m not yet familiar with the feeling of being on tour and performing in front of people who came to your concert because they genuinely love your music. 

Lastly, do you have any messages for the readers of ai love music?

My Band Could Be Your Home if you want it to! 🙂

Make sure to check out Marineris at the following sites:

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Ukrainian Alt-Pop Singer Marineris Talks About "Petrified"

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    That’s crazy that he was able to pick up that guitar so fast. I have no musical talent so I am always impressed with that. It’s also been so interesting to hear all the songs that have come out since the pandemic and quarantine and all of the feelings behind that.

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    Such a cool interview. Always love hearing about the person behind the music.

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