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Marley Wildthing’s “Melting” Has These Messages About Ourselves and Our World

How does music influence your daily life? Does it inspire you to be something better? Or, even inspire you to take action to a critical problem that surrounds your environment? Or perhaps, it helps you to sort your emotions and thoughts out?

I wrote last week that music has either a message or a story, but not restricted to only these two. Yet, the message behind today’s tune is an urgent warning. It relates to the climate change that is threatening our world: think wisely about the trash that you consume. This is one of the messages that is presented in Marley Wildthing’s song “Melting”, but not the only one.

I talked with Austrian singer-songwriter Marley Wildthing, who currently lives in Prague, over Facebook about her music, especially about the tune “Melting”.

Melting: The Inner Struggle Within Us

The singer writer told me that she first conceived the song about four years ago when she moved to Prague. Lyrically, “Melting” has a different meaning than the music video. Marley told me that the song is about the inner struggle. But also, the feelings that could fall apart at any given second.

Literally, like your body control could fall apart because you feel so torn between everything that is inside and outside of yourself. Also, your environment is staring you down.

— Marley Wildthing

Everyone has — at some point in their lives — faced with inner struggles  We all do. We always struggle between man vs oneself; our inner thoughts with our outer perspectives. We have debated our minds, beliefs, emotions, and desires countless times before. Some of these battles were tiny. Yet, others were huge where it felt like you were being torn apart. And that is where the lyrics of “Melting” got its inspiration from. 

Melting: Our Use of Plastics

Another meaning found in this tune is the wasteful use of plastics in our current society. Marley Wildthing did admit in the interview that she doesn’t show any plastic that is regarded as trash in her video. And, this was done on purpose. “Most of the time you don’t see what you produce,” she explained, “How you can actually harm everything around you.”

This is on point as we, as people living on this fragile Earth, don’t pay attention to what we use and throw away. And, this message from “Melting” comes as a warning as we regard more and more plastic as trash. And the result is creating more harm to the planet we live on and the life on it.

The Austrian singer-songwriter went on to explain the premise behind the music video:

Most of the video features two good friends of mine and me playing around. We have a plastic pool. It’s all pink. We’re playing with different plastic things. 

Then at some point, I’m waking up and I actually see what we’ve done here. The things we played with before, they all end up [as] this trash and I’m surrounded by it. I’m freaked out by it because that’s how we are. We see something like this: something cruel to animals or like where our trash ends up. We have to do something against it, step by step.

What a serious wakeup call! We, as people living on this Earth, need to be more careful about our usage of plastic! We need to think about how we can lessen the usage and/or recycle it!

We have been challenged in recent times to use less and less plastic as food and drink establishments have eliminated single-use plastics, providing more environment-friendly products instead. Yet, it is still not enough! People still need to think about how they can downsize their plastic usage. As much as I can, I try to reuse plastic and paper materials over and over. I reuse plastic bags, use plastic bottles (when I do buy them) as new reusable drink bottles, crafts, or storage, and use paper bags as wrapping paper (hey, I can decorate them myself). How about you: how have you been more environmentally conscious in the usage of plastic and paper? 

There are so many ways we can change something.

— Marley Wildthing

Final Thoughts

“Melting” is a must-listen, not only for its lyrics but also for its musicality. Starting as a quiet storm, “Melting” features a blend of different instruments from a variety of genres: country, pop, rock, and indies. Even though the verses are a quiet storm, the song quickly crescendos to a loud roar right before the chorus. It is with the “Melting”s that brings the listener to the chorus. The tune’s dynamic goes from quiet to loud then back to quiet throughout. My favorite part is near the end during the interlude: it’s so pretty with the light, airy vocals mixed with the mellow vibe.

The tune is well-written with great melodies and instrumentation. Yet, the best part of the song is Marley’s vocals as they are melodious, warm, and oh so beautiful. Words cannot describe how beautiful the singer’s vocals are as they are a perfect fit for the tune. These vocals are like a chameleon as they take on different tones throughout “Melting”. One example is a classic mezzo-soprano girl rocker tone during the chorus. Another one is the light and ethereal tones during the interlude. They are just so versatile and beautiful!

You should check out “Melting” below for its catchy melodies, important messages, and Marley’s beautiful vocals! Let me know what you think about the song in the comments.

And while you are here, check out a live performance of “Tunnelvision”:

About the Artist: Marley Wildthing

For me, it’s good to try to use my music not only to show people [that] you should do this and that. But, to be more self-aware.

— Marley Wildthing


Marley Wildthing is an Austrian singer-songwriter living in Prague. She is an independent artist who produces her own music. “Songwriting is vital to her [Marley],” according to her website, “[as] her songs are emotional and sincere, with light and uplifting sounds.”  Her main genre is indie-pop. Also, according to her site, Marley plays different instruments. This is because she prefers unusual sounds from Greek bouzouki or ukulele.

You can catch the singer-songwriter performing at various live houses, bars, and small venues around the Czech Republic. Marley enjoys hearing people come together to enjoy music together. She also enjoys improvising music together with other different from diverse musical genres.

When asked about how music influences her life, this is her answer:

I think [music] can inspire you to be more of yourself or to better yourself.

Her Music

Marley Wildthing made her musical debut by releasing the EP “Cube” in 2018. She has released two singles so far: “Tunnelvision” and “Melting”. When asked what her favorite recorded tune is, Marley answered “Take” from the EP “Cube”. It is very dear to her as it was one of the first songs she ever recorded. 

Marley Wildthing is planning to release another album this year. Be on a lookout as she has hinted that one of her favorite songs might appear on the album. This song, which is called “Soul For Sale”, is a satirical piece that explores the feeling of a “musician feeling like a music jukebox”. There is actually a live version of this song already on Youtube:

When asked about what should listeners listen for in her music, Marley had this to say:

I don’t think that I want someone specifically to listen just for one thing. I try to create my music so that everyone can find something. I try to make something that you can just listen to or you can understand. 

Her Future

As mentioned above, Marley Wildthing hopes to put out a new album by this autumn. She already has a few songs written with “some [songs] are [going to be] more acoustic ones and some are [going to be] with the whole band”. She also has plans to shoot new music videos and photos that are related to her music. 

One more plan is to involve her band more in various activities like performing with her and writing music together. Up until now, Wildthing was mostly a solo artist with a backing band that performed with her during recordings and lives. The singer-songwriter wants her band to have more input in the creative process in future releases, including the new album. “I found some great musicians who are actually willing to play with me,” Marley explained, “so I want to have more opportunities to play with them.”

Her Message

For me and for all the artists around me, I feel it’s really important to actually support smaller artists. It’s not just [about] buying the super expensive tickets for like Ed Sheeran concerts. But, going to the small concerts [put on by] a few friends. It may not be perfect, but you know them and you want to support them. Go to your friend’s exhibition. Go through Spotify and find a song that you really like. Use your one minute of time to actually click on the artist profile.

Or, if you see a video of someone you like, not take only [what] the media gives you, but also try to find your own tapes. Those things that you found yourself, you will be pretty happy that you found them.

You can find Marley Wildthing at these sites:

Official SiteInstagramSpotifySoundcloudYoutube Facebook

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