Talking With Canadian Pop Artist Mauve About Her Latest Single “Starting Over”

“But music gives you the chance to create a new story.”

This is what Canadian pop artist Mauve said about music. She recently chatted with ai love music about her musical journey, her inspirations, and her latest single “Starting Over”. Read further on to find out who is this amazing artist and what is the biggest takeaway from this single.

About the Artist: Mauve

Mauve is a singer-songwriter pop artist based in Toronto, Canada that started her musical career four years ago. The singer-songwriter released her first EP in 2019, entitled Palette, but released her first single in 2017, entitled “Leave It Be”. She mainly focuses on the electronic pop genre. However, she likes to fuse R&B and soul into her music. When asked what she hopes listeners will listen for, the singer-songwriter said she wants them to listen to the song’s lyrics. She hopes the listeners can relate to them, but also get inspired in their own unique way.

The Canadian singer-songwriter became interested in music when she was young. Growing up, she would often go see many musicals in downtown Toronto. Mauve was so inspired by the performers with the singing, dancing, costumes, and visuals. Seeing all these elements together on the stage inspired Mauve to replicate the same kind of energy on the stage. This is why when the singer-songwriter writes a song, she doesn’t just think about the music, but also different elements like dance, visual, art, painting, and etc, and how to incorporate them in the song.

Mauve has said she is influenced by the R&B artists of the 90s. She is a big fan of TLC as she loves their smooth harmonies and their positive messages for their female audience. The singer is also a big fan of Sia because she is such a powerhouse and never holds back. Mauve can relate to Sia as she doesn’t like to hold anything back and doesn’t want to be monotone. Instead, she likes to fully express herself in her music.

Her Latest Single: “Starting Over”

“Anyone who has ever loved anyone will relate to the lyrics about trying your hardest but not knowing if you still have a fight in you.”

“Starting Over” is a mid-tempo tune that is filled with melancholy. The song talks about the frustration and disappointment that you experience when you hope that something will work out in connection with someone. But then, it ends up not happening because maybe they aren’t the one for you or things went differently. “Starting Over” expresses the tiredness that one feels in a failed relationship: being back at square one and starting a new relationship with someone after you invest so much into your former relationship. It is a tune that also explores the sad feelings that go along with that kind of heartbreak.

The singer-songwriter hopes that the listeners can feel like they aren’t the only ones who are experiencing this type of heartbreak when listening to “Starting Over”. Hopefully, the song can encourage and help those who are experiencing those exact feelings. It is actually important to acknowledge those feelings as you can properly grow from them and process them. She hopes that listeners who have the same experience can grow from those feelings to become better people.

When Mauve started writing the song, she started with the piano, playing what she felt when those feelings came to mind. She played around with the chords and keys while started to write the lyrics. She recorded in the studio with the help of producer Bogdan Bobrov and vocal producer Jovan Jovanov.

Check out “Starting Over” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Mauve hopes to release a new single or EP this summer. She is currently working on a couple of songs to add to the collection. Stay tuned to ai love music to hear that new EP!