You are currently viewing Jammin’ With This FANTASTIC May Hot Tracks Playlist!

Jammin’ With This FANTASTIC May Hot Tracks Playlist!

I am back with another awesome playlist, this time with songs you should listen to in May! A playlist that features music from around the world, various genres, and vibes!

Some artists that are featured are Apteekii, Astro, Autumn Dawn, Berber, Ben Phipps, Capitol Affair, Cheridomingo, Cooney Thatcher, Cosette, Crystal Cities, Deadweek, Everrest, Fernway, Finn Morrison, Foreign Figures, Galaxy Family, Goldpark, Helsinki Horizon, In VideColour, Jay Daniels, JAYS, Katie Wallenburg, Laconic Zephyr, Mammoth Indigo, Mauricio Benedeti, Marina City, Melissa Mia, Mike Ruby, One Cure for Man, Not My Weekend, Perseus Veil, Pippa Violets, RAGS AND RICHES, Ravine, Spice Jar, Steve Michels, SAMSARA., Thiago Trosso, and Volker Milch.

Check out the playlist below!

What is your favorite song?

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Jammin' With This FANTASTIC May Hot Tracks Playlist!

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  1. Aimee AMALA

    Awwh what a jammin’ playlist indeed! Some great songs and artists featured here. I love listening to these new artists. Great blog again! Good stuff.

  2. Jasmine E

    This is dope! I’m always looking for new songs to add to my workout playlist and new songs to jam to while I walk my dog. Thank you!

  3. Susan

    Nice set of tunes, I’m glad for bloggers like you who help me learn of new music that I wouldn’t hear just flipping through stations on the radio. Thanks!

  4. Jenjen Balatico

    I love your track #35 as it speaks my name HAHA! cool compilation by the way

  5. Ramil Hinolan

    This is a great selection. I particularly like Ben Phipps.

  6. My Kitchen

    I’m looking for some new tracks to add to my playlist as I am getting tired of listening to the same old songs. I’ll check out your recommendation.

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