You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: McKenna Michels Inspires With the Empowering New Single ”Broken Like This”

The Daily Feature: McKenna Michels Inspires With the Empowering New Single ”Broken Like This”

American Pop-Rock artist McKenna Michels transforms hurt into encouragement with her newest single “Broken Like This”. It is an empowering tune for today, International Women’s Day. The lyrics take a dive into the depths of pain, sorrow, and despair at the beginning. But, by the end, the words emerge with strength and power. The artist had this to say about the song’s lyrical theme:

“Broken Like This’” is about finding the strength to follow your own path in life rather than letting someone else dictate it for you. It’s very easy to let the opinions of those around you decide your self-worth, especially when they’re close to you. Sometimes the people who have the most influence on our minds use their power for their own benefit at the expense of your happiness and well-being. The song is about having the courage to make your own choices moving forward with confidence.

McKenna Michels

This powerful tune is truly spell-binding with its sticky melodies, dynamic energy, and vigorous vocal range provided by the artist. The pivotal point of “Broken Like This” is the chorus as it explodes with its catchy melodies that oozes with such confidence. McKenna’s sultry vocals add colorful tones that elevate the tune greatly. With its dynamic message found in the lyrics and melodies, “Broken Like This” is a force to be reckoned with that will have listeners singing along, feeling empowered.

What do you think of “Broken Like This”? Listen to the song below and let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: McKenna Michel

McKenna Michel

Songwriter, singer & vivid storyteller McKenna Michels makes fearless, complex pop music that radiates with mesmerizing vocal & piano melodies & soul-baring lyrics. Through intimate performances & lush, sophisticated recordings, she shares vulnerable stories about her personal journey through heartbreak, abuse, hope, love, longing & rediscovering the beauty of human connection & becoming resilient, affirming her mission to provide a safe and comforting space for those struggling in silence.

A dynamic vocalist with an extraordinary range, McKenna surrenders to every note. Her passionate voice simmers with ingredients from pop, R&B & rock as she pulls others into her world.

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McKenna Michels Inspires With the Empowering New Single ”Broken Like This”

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