What is the Mysterious Meaning Behind Kodaline’s 2018 Song “Hide and Seek”?

Post authorIt’s Sunday and you know what that means: #SundayLyricsSunday! This week’s theme, picked by the host, is about ” Lost/Found/Hide/Seek”. I thought about using for this week’s song. But, to tell you the truth, it’s an awful song. Frustrated, I search for songs on Spotify and Youtube until I found today’s pick: Kodaline’s “Hide and Seek”.

The Brief History Behind Kodaline

To be honest, I never heard of Kodaline until I found “Hide and Seek” on Youtube today. I went around the internet to look up information about this rock band from Ireland. Kodaline is made up of four members: Steve Garrigan (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Mark Prendergast (lead guitar), Vincent May (drums), and Jason Boland (bass). They were originally called 21 Demands when the band first formed in 2006 with Garrigan, Prendergast, and May. They participated in the fifth series of the Irish TV show You’re a Star, finishing runner up.

21 Demands released their first digital single, entitled “Give Me a Minute”, in 2007. This single broke a record as it was the first independently released single to reach #1 on the Irish charts. They wrote a few tracks afterwards, but nothing too big was released.

21 Demands

The band changed names in 2012 to their current name when bassist Jason Boland joined the band. Kodaline released their first EP, entitled The Kodaline EP, that same year. “All I Want” from the EP was used in such TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and for Google’s 2012. Many readers will probably remember this song from the movie The Fault in Our Stars.

So far, Kodaline has released three albums, four EPs, and a bunch of singles.

Kodaline’s “Hide and Seek”

“Hide and Seek” is from the band’s third album Politics of Living that was released in 2018. The song was written by Kodaline along with Johnny McDaid. Johnny McDaid is known for being a member of the rock band Snow Patrol as well as former Friends star Courtney Cox’s boyfriend. He also wrote a lot of Ed Sheeran’s songs, including the hit song “Shapes of You”. McDaid also wrote songs from Robbie Williams, P!nk, Tim McGraw, Shawn Mendes, and others.

If you like the pop-rock tunes of Ed Sheeran, Robbie Willaims, or even Shawn Mendes, then you will love “Hide and Seek”. Heck, I think this song could also similar to something from my current favorite: The 1975. The reason why is because Steve Garrigan’s vocals are eerily similar to Matty Healy’s. Maybe it is because the way that “Hide and Seek” is composed and how the vocals are styled. Am I crazy that “Hide and Seek” reminds me of something by The 1975?

Anyways, if you like the modern pop-rock genre, you will surely enjoy “Hide and Seek”. It starts off with a subtle beginning with soft vocals, high-pitched synthesizer playing the main melody, and ghost-like synthesizer vocals. The song can be a bit boring as there isn’t really a crescendo or a change of pace within the song. Even the chorus has the same feeling and beat like the verses, just amplified a bit by the backing vocals. However, “Hide and Seek” isn’t a bad song if you enjoy listening to mellow tunes during your workday or even at home.

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