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Melany Thompson’s “While It Rains” Brings Out This Kind of Feeling

How’s the weather where you live? Here in Japan, it is raining as I type this. It has been raining off and on this week. As I watch the skies open up with heavy rain pelting the sidewalks from the window at work, I feel a sense of relief, hopefulness, and melancholy while watching the rain.

If music could express this melancholic feeling, I would say that the soothing melodies and notes from Australian pianist and musician Melany Thompson’s newest single “While It Rains”. A gorgeous piece that will soothe you with its easygoing tempo, expressive bass, bright tones, and a deep yet relaxing mood. It is a must-listen during any part of your day.

I recently interviewed Melany Thompson via email about her newest release and her musicality. Continue reading to find out what she had to say. Also, be sure to check out “While It Rains” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Melany Thompson and I live in Sydney, Australia with my two beautiful children and my husband. I have played the piano since I was four years old and in recent years I have started releasing my own original piano compositions.

Tell us a little bit about your musical journey. You have played the piano since the age of four and been on and off with playing the piano throughout life. How has that journey been?

When I was 3, I asked my parents for a piano and they bought me a little toy (which I was very disappointed with apparently) but I made the most of it and when they realised I had taught myself a couple of nursery rhymes on it, they bought me my first full-size upright piano and the journey started!

I progressed through my AMEB practical and theory exams over the next 8 years or so but by the time I hit high school I was sick of practicing the piano and so I stopped formal lessons for a few years. I think this was important as I was able to just play for fun, and by the time I did my last years at high school, I went back to the piano. It remained a passionate hobby until just recently when I decided to focus again on my music and record and release some of my original music.

In your bio, you were quoted by saying: “I want my children to grow up knowing they don’t have to wait for permission or for someone to tell them they are good enough before they follow their dreams.” Could explain more about this.

It felt like I was waiting for someone to specifically say to me ‘you should record and release your own music, it’s good enough, and you’re good enough to do it and be successful at it’. A lot of people would say to me, ‘you should do something with your music’ but I always considered music as just a hobby, and apart from teaching, I wasn’t sure what exactly, to do with it.

What I realised though is that nothing was going to magically happen unless I made it happen. You can’t just dream, you have to put things into action, take a risk, and you never know what will happen. I want my kids to do what they love and not be afraid to try things for fear of failure. I want all of their dreams to come true too.

Even though you had a corporate career, got married, and had careers, that music found a way back in your life. I find this really inspiring. How has it been since you restarted making music and releasing singles and albums?

It’s been one of the most amazing decisions that I have made in my life and I think it has all happened exactly when it was supposed to. I was at a crossroads in my life a couple of years ago, I had two beautiful children and a very busy but supportive husband who was building his own very successful career. The practicality of me going back to the corporate world was just not going to work for our family, but I still needed something in my life to inspire and challenge me and get my brain and creative side working again.

There’s a different maturity to my music now, and I also have the time to learn about the business side of it. Streaming services and technology has completely shifted the music industry and made it so much more accessible for artists to record and release music. I’m sure everyone has heard it before, but doing what you love in life is so important and I’m so lucky to have a very supportive husband and family.

Let’s talk about your new single “While It Rains”. What is the story behind this single?

This is my first release with the record label ‘Yellow Rose Records’ which is very exciting. While it Rains was written after the bad bushfires here in NSW at the beginning of the year. It started raining one day and it was just such a relief for everyone. Rain brings new growth, and it often forces us to pause, slow down, and reflect.

How was it composing the piece? What inspirations did you draw from when you wrote it?

The piece evolved over a few weeks, it started out much faster but I slowed it right down so it sat with the rhythm of gentle rain. I love sitting and watching the rain and I was trying to create a piece of music that suits the mood of doing just that.

What moods, emotions, and feelings do you think best describes “While It Rains” and why?

It’s a reflective piece with a touch of melancholy.

What should listeners listen for in “While It Rains”?

The single was released as two different versions. I recorded it firstly on an acoustic grand piano, and then I recorded a ‘felt piano’ version which has a completely different feel to it. Listeners will have their preferred version I’m sure.

What are your future plans?

I have another new single coming out at the end of October which I’m really excited about, it’s one of my favourite pieces so far. There are also some compilation albums coming out before the end of the year which will include some of my new music and I’m very excited to be included on those, along with many other amazing artists from all over the world.

Any final words for the readers of ai love music?

I wish everyone lots of love given the crazy year that 2020 has been. I hope everyone has found some comfort and peace in listening to music, it really can calm the mind and soul.

Check out Melany Thompson at these sites:

Official Site | Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud | Apple Music

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  1. Jessica Collazo

    Or the little of what I heard this is a great piano composition. I like when music makes us think and meditate.

  2. Alyssa

    It’s been my dream to learn how to play the piano since I was young. I agree with Melany that it’s important to take a break from some time in order to discover your passion again. She’s amazing and truly talented!

  3. Marjie Mare

    This is a great one. For some reason, it speaks to my soul as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. blair villanueva

    I remember when we visited Japan last July 2019 and it was pouring rain and a few days of sunshine. But it wasn’t that bad though (blessed that there was no typhoon). I miss Japan!

  5. I love this. Melany Thompson’s While it Rains is something I would listen to while I write. Peaceful and relaxing. Just overall wonderful.

  6. Franze Garcia

    Reading this while listening to the soundtrack, makes me feel serene. I love how the music dwells into the emotions.

  7. nikhila

    The first thing I did after reading this is Google “while it rains”. You are right, it’s beautiful.

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