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25 Days of Christmas: Mick J Clark Features That Special Christmas Magic in These Songs

Welcome back to the twelfth day of 25 Days of Christmas. Here on ai love music, let’s celebrate this warm holiday season by transforming the Daily Feature into 25 Days of Christmas. Each day, we will feature a holiday song from any artist from any genre. Today’s holiday song is actually a trio of tunes by English Rock-Pop Artist Mick J Clark: “It’s Getting Near Christmas”, “Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah”, and “It’s Christmas Party Time”.

Each track features its unique sound with a touch of Christmas musical magic. “It’s Getting Near Christmas”, features an upbeat pop-rock beat that revolves around being together with loved ones during a magical time of the year. It has that feel-good, magical vibes from the melodies that make it perfect for the Christmas season. Listeners should check out the chorus with its intriguing vocal jumps and musical progression.

“Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah” is a mellower rock track that gets its influences from 60s rock. A mixture of acoustic and electric guitars is joined with bells and strings to create relaxing instrumentation. Clark’s vocals take a softer tone as well but mesh well with the instrumentation. You can hear the 60s/classic rock vibes from the vocals by just how Clark styles them. “Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah” might seem like a serious tune from its earthen tones, it is actually a hopeful and merry one that is filled with Christmas magic too.

The last track featured is “It’s Christmas Party Time”. A party tune for sure for anyone’s Christmas party with its upbeat rock beat that flows throughout. This danceable tune spreads a merry message with its sweet vocals, positive instrumentation., and festive soundbites. If you are looking for a Christmas party tune, you have to check out “It’s Christmas Party Time” with its positive vibes and groovy beats.

Mick J Clark’s Christmas tunes share some similarities yet differences. Yet, they are catchy and a must-listen in their own right. These three songs are perfect for the holiday season as they are filled with that special Christmas magic that is infectious. Check out these songs today!

Make sure to check out the songs by Clark down below. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment!

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