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Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up 2022 Vol. 16

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for May 18, 2022

“MANNERS” by Bishat

Bishat is back and she’s here to tell you that we’re collectively done with friendships, relationships, and entanglements that no longer serve us.“I think we’ve all been there, carrying all the weight, bringing all the vibes, doing all the work, and getting nada in return. I’m just feeling really done with anything that doesn’t elevate me or sparks joy.”

“Us Again” by KellyMarie

“Us Again” is KellyMarie’s third single from the upcoming debut album IT IS MY ALBUM. which is a collection of love songs inspired by the TV show The Office. “Us Again” is from Karen’s point of view as she heads to NYC with Jim excited about their future and hoping for a fresh start.

“New Yellow Bike” by Paper Rainbows

“Peaceful Mind” by Morning Crush

Morning Crush returns with the much louder “Peaceful Mind”, a folk-rock song about the true nature of depression and anxiety. “I get wary about writing about stuff like this because I worry I might glamourize it in some way. And there is nothing glamorous about mental illness. I wrote this song to try and get directly to the point about what I’ve gone through most of my life. Hopefully, some people can relate”

“Handy Man” by Charly & The Slaves

Charly & The Slave was a punk band that at the time fused to metal and goth elements in a way that made them quite unique in the 80-ies. Unfortunately, despite a large local following they never made it nationally. During their active years, they recorded several singles that never were released. Great track with brilliant vocals and magical aggressive guitars

“Welcome to the Future” by Heather Schmid

“Welcome to the Future” is a pop song inspired by the best-case future scenario for artificial intelligence and human integration.. It depicts a world in which humanity discovered that we have far more problem-solving capacity collectively than we do individually. Tribalistic decision-making was quickly replaced by collective cooperation because it makes the greatest sense.

“Moving On” by GT_Ofice x Britt Lari

Miami Beach-based producer GT_Ofice has been making strides in his few short years in the Electronic Dance Music scene. GT has amassed over 13 million streams on Spotify and tons of international radio play. He recently released his single ‘TUFF’ w/ VASSY on @cainerecords and it charted at #26 on the USA Dance Radio Charts

“It’s Been Awhile.” by The Tapples

“Holy City Zoo” by Trickshooter Social Club

Trick Shooter Social Club is a full-on, lean-in, roots-rock band from Chicago that celebrates country, rock, pop, punk and blues with completely original electric rock music. Their influences include Cash, Kiss, Social Distortion, Cheap Trick, Steve Earl, Tom Petty, and early Wilco.

“Mind Games” by Jesslyn

“Mind Games is an anthem for all women like myself who have been through struggles in their relationships. It is telling a story of a bold and strong woman who had overcome some of life’s most difficult moments and has decided to move on with her life. She does not want anything messing with her anymore, and She’s ready to show off her confidence and resilience with no reservations.” — Jesslyn

BONUS: “Chemical Dream Girl” by Slow Buildings

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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