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Take a Musical Journey with Mike Gale’s ‘Mañana Man’

Take a musical journey full of ear-worthy flavors and lush sounds with Mañana Man by British indie-pop singer-songwriter Mike Gale. The artist wanted to have the album feature more traditional song structures and feels. ” Twin Spirit was the first album I’d used samples almost exclusively, from the writing process to the arrangement of the songs. I really enjoyed this way of working and wanted to carry it on with Mañana Man. With Mañana Man I was trying to make an album of more traditional sounding pop songs while still utilizing samples as the primary method of creating. “

Mike employs a mixture of samples, pianos, bass, and guitars to create his musical soundscape in this album. There is an array of musical textures, flavors, and atmospheres that are exploded. Not every song sounds alike as have you have the indie-pop soundscape featured in “Pumpkin Fest” but then a mixture of tango and jungle in “Mañana Man”. Listeners can hear a blend of nonslip sounds and modern sounds in this track as “Groove Witch” calls back to 60s and 70s pop-rock, while “Cosmic String” offers something more modern.

Mañana Man offers a little bit of everything and anything that will delight any music fan, young and old. It is an album that features so many diverse sounds that are mixed together perfectly to create the perfect album to listen to anywhere.

Make sure to listen to Mañana Man down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

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Take a Musical Journey with Mike Gale's 'Mañana Man'

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