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Today’s Feature: Virtual Artist Mimi Mirai’s Latest Single “Lost In Kyoto”

Today’s song is “Lost In Kyoto” by Japanese EDM artist Mimi Mirai. According to the artist herself, the song has “a theme of expressing her identity as a Japanese otaku through electronic music by mixing the cultures.” You can hear this blend really well with the song, especially in the instrumentation. There are two sides to this song: a traditional Japanese element and a modern EDM/chillstep one. These two elements, although different, go hand-in-hand by creating this perfect mixture within the tune.

Now, Mimi Mirai’s latest song features more instrumentation with a vocal overdub. The vocal dub really represents the Japanese otaku personality as it reminds me of the typical Japanese anime character that otaku fawn over cute, high-pitched, and energetic. You can hear these three tones clearly in the song.

A wonderful EDM/dubstep tune, Mimi Mirai’s “Lost In Kyoto” really represents the blend of traditional and modern within each note. Also, the personality of the Japanese otaku is clearly represented in the instrumentation, but more in the vocal overdubs. Overall, “Lost In Kyoto” is a great tune to listen to hear Japanese sounds mixed with western ones.

Make sure to listen to Mimi Mirai’s “Lost In Kyoto” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Virtual Artist Mimi Mirai's Latest Single "Lost In Kyoto"

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  1. Karen A Lanzetta

    Beautiful music! Thanks for sharing this artist with us!
    Reading your description makes me realize I have not at all explored this type of music, so happy you put it on my radar.

    Carpe Diem! |

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