You are currently viewing Renew and Restart With This Sincere Track by Mokita

Renew and Restart With This Sincere Track by Mokita

American Electropop artist Mokita creates just released his sincerest track yet, entitled “Room For Another”. The artist had this to say about the song’s background:

The song is about the transition of letting someone else into your life. I envisioned it as this two-fold idea; one was on the level of someone occupying this physical space, like the space in a house, and the other was a more metaphysical space where you’re making room emotionally for someone else. The whole time I was working on the record, I had this mental snapshot of this house sitting on top of a mountain, and you’re there by yourself just dreaming about sharing it with someone.

“Room For Another” drips in an ethereal honesty that involves a simple production. It only features a drum, bass, and piano as the artist wanted the lyrics and melody to be the main focus. You can hear the feelings of longing and hopefulness emitting for the melodies, especially the vocal ones, as Mokita composes with such bareness and openness. The intimate setting with limited instrumentation is gorgeous but also relatable as listeners can find solace in this song’s warm sounds. A perfect song to reflect with as the Northern Hemisphere enters into the season of spring, a chance of rebirth and for a change.

Make sure to listen to “Room For Another” down below. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Mokita


Mokita grew up in a small town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and later in western North Carolina. He found music at a young age, started piano lessons at age five, and picked up the guitar at 12, quickly realizing he would prefer to write original compositions instead of playing those others wrote. But it wasn’t until he moved to Nashville at 24 years old that he began to cut his teeth as a prolific songwriter and collaborator. Mokita has seen notable success over the past few years, with over 400 million streams across his releases and an upcoming U.S. tour with slenderbodies.

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Renew and Restart With This Sincere Track by Mokita

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  1. Gleefulblogger

    I like soulful music, anything that has instruments and meaningful lyrics … Thanks for sharing these tunes and a new artist with me. Definitely listening it once again

  2. I love his voice. It is so smooth and pleasing to my ears. I have never heard of Mokita, but I am in love with this song.

  3. Fransic verso

    Great music, first time to know about this and it’s cool. I like when it has good lyrics. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jan Frere

    I never heard of Mokita, but I like electropop, so I will find it.

  5. Chrissy

    You really have the best ear in great nusic even if the artist is not too popular, with ypir blog let them be known. Thanks for always sharing these 🙂

  6. Lyosha

    Lively and lovely music I needed today, it somehow matches my mood!

  7. Prajakta

    Its the first time i heard this music, very soulful and pleasing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. krizziascollon

    This is such an amazing song! I love a good soul track. It relaxes my mind everytime

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