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The Road to Eurovision 2021: Montaigne (Australia)

It’s April and we have less than 60 days till the annual Eurovision contest that will happen next month. Get excited! Though the contest was canceled last year and faces strict protocols due to the current pandemic, we can still enjoy this international contest from anywhere in the world.

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that is in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the compeition. Good luck to those are competing!

Montaigne’s “Technicolor”

I’m so excited to present Technicolour to the world! I think it does it all – makes you want to cry, makes you want to dance, makes you want to take on a malignant corporate power – and I think that it is both forward-thinking and suitable for Eurovision.

I initially started writing the song after a catch-up call with my mum that was really emotional and had me crying on the floor thinking of that first line, ‘I want to be close to my mother.’ I picked up my guitar and started improvising around that, trying to get the feelings out of my system. I had to put the song down then because we were having people over for dinner.

Later, I picked the idea up with songwriter and music producer, Dave Hammer, since we were working on trying to make a Eurovision song happen, and the song became about resilience and the courage that comes from being able to be vulnerable, being able to ask for help, and knowing that in solidarity and togetherness we are stronger as people.


“Technicolor” by Australian art-pop singer Montaigne is Australia’s entry for this year’s competition. It such a wonderful song with its powerful message inside the lyrics and the magnificent prowess of Montaigne’s vocals. Her vocals remind me of the vocals of Dolores O’Riordan (from The Zombies) with such colorful tones, the ability to bend the notes in ear-pleasing ways, and the extensive vocal range. Montaigne’s vocals in “Technicolor” are powerful yet mesmerizing.

The song is very catchy with its melodies. But, the lyrics are what is really stand out. They may be weird, and a bit eccentric. Yet, they are relevant to what is currently happening all over the world. It described as a self-empowerment anthem that celebrates courage, diversity, and togetherness. With this encouraging message, catchy melodies, and Montaigne’s superb vocals, “Technicolour” has a chance to be in the finals.

My Eurovision 2021 Predictions

Here is my predictions for this year’s contest. These are my own opinions and I am not getting paid or endorsed for them.

CountryMy Prediction
The Roop (Lithuania)Will Not Proceed
Ana Soklič (Slovania)Will Not Proceed
Manizha (Russia)Finals!
Tusse (Sweden)Will Not Proceed
Montaigne (Australia)Finals!

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The Road to Eurovision 2021: Montaigne (Australia)



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