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What Should You Listen for in Moon Walker’s Newest EP `Truth To Power’?

One album that has recently caught my attention is Truth to Power by Los Angeles-based Indie Rock / Alt-Rock duo Moon Walker. Taking inspirations from retro grooves and modern themes, Moon Walker has crafted an album that is like no other. How so? Continue to read on to find out.

A Balance Between New and Old

Moon Walker

It’s a snapshot of my political frustrations, criticisms and disappointments, as a 22 year old in America. It’s all inspired by events of the past year, particularly the end of the Trump presidency, the capitol insurrection and the culmination of the alt-right movement

The first thing that listeners notice in Moon Walker’s newest album is the lyrical themes. Two themes run concurrently: a scathing commentary on modern politics and exploration of the human condition. The duo talks about themes of religious control, media influence, indoctrination, and classism.

One example is “TV Made Me Do It”, a track that tells about the media’s influence over people and manipulates them to think and act a certain way. Another example is “Tear Down The Wall” with lunts lyrics about the effects of capitalism on regular people. It is empowering track to “beat the system” as the duo channels all its anger and frustration in both melody and words. There are many more examples, but it is clear that Moon Walker crafts brilliant lyrics. The words featured in each track are unalike. Yet, there is an overarching theme that tells a novel worth hearing to listeners.

Changing It Up

The band has mentioned their music has been influenced by artists from modern times and other decades. One would try to guess Moon Walker’s musical genres from their influences and listening to their album, but don’t let those fool you. As soon as listeners attempt to pinpoint a specific genre in the album, Moon Walker changes things up completely. That is because each track features something musically distinct and unlike the others.

Listeners will notice this throughout the album. For example, the first track (“Devil”) takes a cue from 70’s rock as the track features a mixture of acid rock tones, funky basslines, cool backing vocals, and harsh vocal tones. Then, the bands have tracks like “New Commandment” which is a perfect blend of retro funk and soul and modern alt-rock. You can hear the retro sounds in the verse with the funky riffs and soulful backup vocals, transforming into an alt-rock tune by the chorus with the loud, gritty guitar riffs blaring in hopes to be heard.

Yet, listeners will hear melancholic songs like “Light Burns Out” from the album. It features an expansive cinematic soundscape with the psychedelic sense in the mellow instrumentation. There is a sense of Pink Floyd-inspired musicality with the harrowing synthesizer lines. The tame atmosphere featured in “Light Burns Out” is kept somewhat the same in Bowie-influenced track “The Dark Town”, though the latter returns to punchy psychedelic vibes. Whatever the track might be, the diverse soundscape featured in Truth To Power is the band’s true power. Not sticking to one genre helps the duo to be more versatile and makes an impressive album.

My favorite track is “Disturbed Surburbia”. It is a groovy tune that featured 60s electronic guitar riffs, funky basslines, and lively melodies. I just love the chorus with those gliding notes that are nestled in alluring melodies. But above all, I could really relate to these hard-hitting lyrics as I lived in an American suburb with similar features described. Lyrically and musically, “Disturbed Surburbia” is truly intoxicating!

Final Thoughts

Moon Walker presents their versatile musicality with their newest album Truth to Power. The album features engrossing lyrics that talk about hard-hitting issues about condition while also serving as a scathing commentary on today’s issues. Moon Walker’s album also features a diversity of sounds from retro 70’s funk to modern alt-rock. With their Truth to Power oozing with diverse musicality and blunt lyrical themes, Moon Walker is a band to listen to in 2022 with their unique artistry.

Make sure to check out Truth To Power down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Moon Walker

Moon Walker

Using a string of eclectic, yet familiarly electrifying tracks as their fuel, Moon Walker crashed onto the scene like a space-age rocket. The duo’s undeniable energy and inimitable musical chemistry is the result of over half a decade of playing shows and self-releasing music together as The Midnight Club.

Taking cues from such legends as David Bowie Bowie, Talking Heads, and Led Zeppelin, singer/guitarist Harry Springer and drummer Sean McCarthy have created a fusion of explosive drum grooves and thrashing guitar riffs that is all their own. While listeners might hear traces of funk, post-punk, or even krautrock echoing through debut record Truth To Power, one would be left scratching their head for weeks if they sought to limit Moon Walker’s vast soundscape to one genre.

With bold, timely lyrics that confront such issues as economic inequality, media sensationalism, and social responsibility, Moon Walker has made it clear that they will never shy away from shouting what they believe in. So, listen up, because Moon Walker has a lot to say and they aren’t going anywhere.

Make sure to check out Moon Walker at the following:

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