Morning Musume.’s 2005 Single “Chokkan 2”: Don’t Fret Over Losing Big Chances

Post authorIt’s #SongLyricsSunday! The prompt this week is about sizes: big, small, tall, and short. I tried to find a song in a different language at first, but my heart eventually picked .song that was released over fifteen years ago. As you may or may not know, I am a big fan, especially between the years of 2004 to 2018, as I really love everything about the group: the members, the songs, the costumes, the lyrics, the sister groups, and etc. I have featured this top-selling Japanese idol group many times on this This week’s pick is one of the weirdest releases from the Morning Musume. discography, according to fans when it was released. What is the song? “Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookii zo!~”. Why did fans not like it when it was released? Continue on to findThe Song That Became the A-Side at the Last Minute

“Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookii zo!~” (Intuition 2 ~The Fish That Got Away Was Big!~) is Morning Musume.’s 28th single, released in 2005. When the 28th single was announced, the song was supposed to be the A-side originally. However, when the group sang the song, Tsunku saw that fans didn’t really particularly enjoy “Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle!”. Instead, he saw that fans loved “Chokkan ~Toki to Shite Ai wa~”, which was a track off their sixth album Ai no Dai 6kan. So, the producer quickly wrote a sequel to “Chokkan”, making it a song for the fans.

So, why did fans get upset over the release of this single? The answer was that the label pumped up excitement for a new song and then did a last-minute switch-a-roo to a “cheap-sounding” sequel. When the new single was announced in the late summer of 2005 as “Koi was Hassou Do the Hustle!”, fans were excited, especially when they hear a glimpse of the new single at the autumn concert.

Yet October 2005, Tsunku and the record label announced that “Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle!” was merely just a b-side, as the real a-side was “Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookii zo!~”. Fans just felt used and thought the label was setting the group up for failure with cheaply made, recycled songs.1

So Why Do I Like It?

When I first heard this song in 2005, I really didn’t think much about Morning Musume’s “Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookii zo!~”. I thought it was less-than-stellar. I just ignored it and focused on other songs that were released during the same time by Morning Musume.’s sister groups and soloists.

However, when I listened to this song last year during the “stay-at-home” orders, my view of the song changed. Instead of focusing on the melody, I turned my attention to the lyrics. Life lessons and messages are sprinkled throughout the song, giving inspiration to those who listen. When I listened to the lyrics, I could relate to the messages found inside and I used these lyrics to pump myself in positivity and encouragement. I found the lyrics to be well-written.

Tsunku has always been a lyricist whose words are something I can relate to. Love, hope, encouragement, and happiness: Tsunku has it all in Hello! Project (and Morning Musume.) tunes. “Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookii zo!~”. is one of these examples as it a tune that talk about building up your self-esteem and not fret about failure, but learn from them.