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The Ethereal Soundscape Featured in Mother Culture’s “Scaramouche”

It is December already! What has been on your playlist recently? What kind of sounds or vibes are you listening to? Have you listened to anything soothing recently as December is represented by warm winter-like vibes? One track that should be on your playlist is “Scaramouche” by Australian Indie Pop band Mother Culture. Let’s continue on further to find out what makes this song such a must-listen!

The Beauty Inside

Mother Culture

What makes “Scaramouche” a must-listen is the gorgeous featured throughout. It is a spacious acoustic ballad that first starts off with simple psychedelic guitar riffs. The instrumentation is sparse here (and throughout the song) with minimal instrument. Yet, it creates a soothing atmosphere with beauty. Then, the song is fleshed out even more as the breath-taking layered vocals come in, chiming in with their ethereal “oohs”. There are parts where listeners have these layered vocals, especially at the chorus where those supportive lines are ear-candy.

The main vocals are also soft and subtle here as they featured a soothing tone to compliant the backing vocals. Yet, it is not the same tone that the vocals keep throughout. The melodies are brash and fast-paced during the verses, a sharp contrast to the smooth and haunting vibes in the chorus. The musicality of how the lead vocals can change tempos, rhythms, and vibes is what highlights how the band tells the song’s story. It is quite intriguing with these impassioned vocals.

The lyrics are something to listen for also. The story tells of coming to terms with the reality of aging and finding the beauty in one’s own mortality. It was inspired by the duo’s aging childhood cat, also called “Scaramouche”. Although the lyrics seem very philosophical, it’s actually something simple as some listeners could relate to the topic. Coming to terms with a death of a loved one is very hard, but there is always some sort of silver lining where you find the beauty of that person’s life and death.

Final Thoughts

“Scaramouche” by Mother Culture is a gorgeous ballad that features ethereal backing vocals, stripped-back instrumentation, and just diversity in the main vocals. The song breaths warmth from each note as the atmosphere is tranquil and soothing with acoustic riffs. Yet, there is an important reminder sung by the commanding vocals that most listeners can relate to the topic of aging and seeing the beauty of it (along with death). Let “Scaramouche” capture your ears and heart with its gorgeous musicality today!

Make sure to check out “Scaramouche” by Mother Culture down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Mother Culture

Mother Culture

Mother Culture is the brainchild of brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward. Embracing the DIY ethos the duo operates out of their Melbourne-based home studio writing, performing, and producing everything together.

Make sure to check out Mother Culture at the following:

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The Ethereal Soundscape Featured in Mother Culture's "Scaramouche"

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