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Canadian Rock Band Moving Lines Talks About Their Recent Releases

One band recently spoke to ai love music was the Canadian Rock band Moving Lines. Although the band itself just formed recently, the members have a rich history of performing and being around music. Find who is Moving Lines and why did the band come to be? Also, continue to read on to find out what were their inspirations behind their debut single “Dreams Never Die” and “City Lights”.

What Is Moving Lines?

Moving Lines

The Canadian band is an 80s rock-influenced one, mainly composed of the husband-wife team of Jill and Kevin. “Moving Line is about our journeys and travels,” Kevin explained the meaning behind the band, “The lines in the road, or musical lines. It is a metaphor for those kinds of things so we can keep on moving and going.” They have traveled a lot and played in many shows, and they translated that into their music.

Moving Lines started as a duo about five years ago, playing cover songs at bars and events. Then, they eventually hired some more members to play along under another name. However, COVID hit. Jill and Kevin decided to write their own material and get more involved with their own projects. So, they created Moving Lines! It has been a superb experience as they have been recording and producing at their home studio.

The band loves any kind of music: metal, rock, blues, jazz, prog rock, and synthpop. The duo said that hints of different genres are added to their music. And, it might not be something totally expected like a cool blues lick or a hard rock lick. Moving Lines also have a wide range of musical inspirations like Aretha Franklin, Steve Vai, Quiet Riot, and Heart.

Their Debut Single “Dreams Never Die”

Jil said that the story behind the song is how their parents met. “Everyone asks their parents, “Oh, how did you guys meet when you were younger?” Everyone has that story in their family. ” she described, “And my dad is a poet. He wrote a poem for my dad. So, I kind of used that as an inspiration; How did he meet her? And, how did she meet him?

Then the third part just represents my life. It tells the whole story of our life, but it is simple. Yet, it is open enough that anyone can relate to it like a love story and following your dreams.” The song’s meaning is related to the band’s ambitions as the two finally were able to follow their own dreams of doing their own thing.

Kevin also explained how he crafted the song. He first recorded the ideas for “Dreams Never Die” on his phone. The song’s creation was a coincidence as Kevin was playing outside one night and came up with something. He then imported the recordings to his workstation in the home studio and played around with it. He was able to write the tune in a month.

The Next Single “City Lights”

The next single that Moving Lines released was “City Lights” in July. Kevin explained the story behind the track was about the artist forging ahead to the bigger and better things. “It could have a deeper meaning in terms you don’t have to go to a big city to achieve your dreams,” he told me over Zoom., “In the olden days, you had to flock to a big city like Los Angeles to get ahead. So, those big city lights, that’s kind of what the song is about: forging for your dream to be on stage or be in the spotlight of something.”

However, he also explained the meaning doesn’t have to be music-related. But, the song is supposed to serve as words of wisdom. Going with your instincts, being in the spotlight (or out front), and being who you really want to be inside. “City Lights” also serves as a reminder to seek those who have done that or been there as inspiration. But also to listen to others who have similar experiences.

The band hopes that listeners just simply enjoy the music: the many layers inside the tunes, make you feel the music, and share their personal experiences through the music.

What did you think of “Dreams Never Die” and “City Lights”? Could you find a little piece of yourself in the tunes? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Make sure to check out Moving Lines at the following:

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Canadian Rock Band Moving Lines Talks About Their Recent Releases

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