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The Hypnotical Lure of “Muma no Odori”

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Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is all about finding a song with the words “Danger,” “Fear”, “Horror”, “Nightmare”, or “Terror” in the title or in the lyrics. For this, I picked a song from the Sailor Moon musicals or Sera Myu. Why? Because I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Sailor Moon fan, and even more so with the musicals. I have explained the history of the musical before in a previous post entitled “What is More Precious Than Jewels?“.

Last time, I choose a “good guy” song as “Ai Yori Houseki Kaguya Shima” sung by the main cast of Sailor Soldiers. But for today, I choose the song “Muma no Odori” that was first used in the 1994 musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Usagi – Ai no Senshi e no Michi (美少女戦士セーラームーンS – うさぎ・愛の戦士への道: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S Usagi – The Path In Becoming the Soldier of Love). Let’s dive into song!

I’ll Confuse You with My Nightmare

Even though “Muma no Odori” 夢魔の踊り: The Nightmare Dance) was first used in the second Sera Myu musical, it has been used all over the years. It is generally a villain song with its hypnotic melodies alluring lyrics that try to lure any Sailor Soldiers into the villain’s trap. In the 1994 musical based on the Sailormoon S series plot, the song was sung by Kaolinite and her henchwomen.

It was also used in the 1998 Shin Densetsu Kourin musical, this time sang by Queen Beryl. It was also sung by Kazuko Ono in the 2000 musical Shin / Henshin – Super Senshi e no Michi – Last Dracul Jokyoku and Miki Kawasaki in the 2002 musical Mugen Gakuen – Mistress Labyrinth. Both musicals were also based on the plot for Sailormoon S.

Kayoko Fuyumori

As I said above, the song is mostly used to try to lure the Sailor Soldiers to a trap. In the 1994 musical, it was used to lure Chibiusa to the Death Busters to get her pure heart crystal. This plot is recycled in the 2002 musical. However, in the 1998 musical, the song’s story is different as it is used to welcome the Sailor Soldiers to the dark nightmare of the Amazon Trio. Then in the 2000 musical, it is used in a very different way as Death Lamia and the Death Nightmares imagine about being a dream demon. Furthermore, the lament on how one can not escape their dreams.

Akiko Kosaka

Like most Sera Myu songs, “Muma no Odori” is written by Kayoko Fuyumori and composed by Akiko Kosaka. Kayoko Fuyumori wrote most of the lyrics for the Sailor Moon musicals until her death in 2003. Composer Akiko Kosaka wrote many songs for the Sailor Moon musicals until the 2005 hiatus. She holds special concerts from time to time in Tokyo, reuniting with several actresses and actors from the original run of the musicals.

What I love about “Muma no Odori” is its sedative nature. A strong percussion beat starts off. Then, the pre-verse opens up with strong clarinets, flutes, and brass. Then, the chorus is like a seductive scent of a flower with its low and sweet melodies. The irresistible pull gets stronger and stronger until it’s too late. The trap has been sent, and the intention is finally known through the defining moment of the main villain’s powerful vocals. Although it is short and sweet, “Muma no Odori” is an intoxicating listen that will pull listeners into its world with its sweet and alluring melodies.

Check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments!

The 1998 Version featured in Shin Densetsu Kourin. Queen Beryl was played by Yuri Nishina, a very talented and legendary musical who used to be in Takarazuka Revue.

The 2000 version with Kazuko Ono:

The 2002 version with Miki Kawasaki:

The Lyrics to “Muma no Odori”

Here is the English translation of the lyrics, provided by Sasha at Miss Dream:

A delicious scent scattered in dance
Like a strong poison, the color is brilliant
If you tell me your feelings I still can’t set you free
Deep in my dreams, I’ll send out my pheromones

I’ll confuse you with my nightmare
The dream and reality’s boundary
Coming and going as it will
Peeking at the past and future
A person’s heart will warm when they are bound hand and foot

A delicious scent scattered in dance
Like a terrible poison, this trance like effect
If you feel it even once, you’ll want it again
Until your bones have been satisfied by this pheromone
I’ll confuse you with my nightmare


The Rules for #SongLyricsSunday

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