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My Top Five Favorite Songs From Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021

I am back with a Eurovision post! As you maybe know, I am a big fan of the singing competition and have covered the competition multiple times since I started my blog in 2015. However, for today, I am going to talk about the children’s version of the competition called the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It will be held tonight in Paris with so many amazing and talented young artists! Below, I choose my top five favorites, but everyone is a winner! I also included the Spotify link for the official album so you can find your new favorite artist and/or song from these amazing artists.

What is Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Junior Eurovision, just like the Eurovision Song Contest, is a song competition between the various countries in Europe. According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the competition was started up to encourage young singers and talent to perform on stage while competing with other artists. Children aged 9 to 14 can compete in the contest. This year, there are 19 countries competing.

Although there are some similarities between Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, there are some differences. One difference is the language rule as songs competition in Junior Eurovision can include only 40% English in the lyrics. The rest should be in one of the country’s national languages (and a few lines in other languages are ok as you will see in an entry below). The length of the song can be no more than three minutes. There are other tiny nuances that separate the two competitions, but these are the major ones.

My Top 5

Armenia: “Qami Qami” (Քամի Քամի; Wind Wind) by Maléna

This dark electro-pop has been on repeat on my Spotify over the past week. It is super addictive and musically gorgeous. I really love dancing to it. Maléna has really great vocals. “Qami Qami” is such a hit!

Netherlands: “Mata Sugu Aō Ne” (またすぐ会おうね; Hope to See You Again) by Ayana

Ayana delivers an emotional performance with “Mata Sugu Aō Ne”. The theme is about seeing your loved ones again, something that a lot of people can relate especially in the current circumstances we are in (I wish I could fly away and see my parents in the US). Ayana’s vocals are powerful and passionate as she pours all her emotions and talent into the vocal melody. Such a wonderful song!

France: “Tic Toc” by Enzo

Enzo brings fun to the Junior Eurovision stage with his song “Tic Toc”. He is super cute! And the song is very catchy, especially during the chorus. I really want to get up and do those dance moves! It might not win the competition, by “Tic Toc” is a super cute and catchy tune that will bring smiles to listeners!

Poland: “Someday” by Sara James

Another amazing performance, this time with “Someday” by Sara James. This song is an empowering one that you have people there for you and you have a support network during the dark times. James delivers a powerful performance with her versatile vocals. Sara James is a voice that listeners will be listening to more in the future as it is a superstar!

Kazakhstan: “Ертегі әлемі” (Fairy World) by Alinur & Beknur

Rounding out my Top 5 is “Ертегі әлемі” by Alinur & Beknur. It is an ear-pleasing song that features Alinur’s dynamic vocals and Beknur’s powerful raps. The atmosphere is dream-like and the sweet yet powerful performance from the singers and the instrumentation makes you feel like you are in a magical line. Let Alinur & Beknur whisk you away to the land of the fairies with this magical tune!

You can hear the rest of the songs here:

What is your favorite song?

Let me know in the comments!

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