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Name Me a Song About Summer

Happy Summer to everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere!

And, Happy Winter to those who live in the Southern portion!

To celebrate the season about beaches, ice cream, and hot weather, name me a song about summer! I have suggested some songs last week like “Summertime” by The Fresh Prince with DJ Jazzy Jeff and “Summer Vacation” by The Party. However, I want to hear your favorite songs about summer!

Here are the rules for this week’s topic:

Suggest a song that is about summer, summer vacation, or summertime! It can be in the title, in the lyrics, in the beat, or the overall feeling of the song. It doesn’t need to be in English! It can be in any language!

You can submit your song’s name in the comment section of this post! I will feature it in a round-up post next week!

But hurry, this is only a weekly thing! Submissions will close on next Monday, July 1!

I can’t wait to hear your submissions!

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