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Name Me a Song For the Perfect Beach Playlist

We are heading into the dog days of summer here in Japan. This weekend marks the start of the seven-week long summer vacation for grade-school students as well as summer-related festivals and activities.

You might be thinking: Wait, why are you just going to beach now since summer started almost a month ago?

The reason is that most of June and the first part of July is called the rainy season (梅雨 Tsuyu). Usually, it ends by the third week when the national holiday 海の日 (Umi no Hi Ocean Day) comes around. A lot of pools and beaches will officially “open” around many places in Japan. As well, this weekend marks the start of festivals and fireworks.

To celebrate the start of beach season here in Japan, name me a song for the perfect beach playlist!

Here are the rules for this week’s topic:

👉 Suggest a song that you would include on your beach or pool playlist! It can be in the title, in the lyrics, in the beat, or the overall feeling of the song. It doesn’t need to be in English! It can be in any language!

👉You can submit your song’s name in the comment section of this post! I will feature it in a round-up post next week!

⏰ But hurry, this is only a weekly thing! Submissions will close on next Monday, July 1!

I can’t wait to hear your submissions!

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  1. Tracy Albiero

    How far I’ll go from the Moana soundtrack! Perfect for beach day fun!

  2. beti

    Well i can suggest you Con calma HIT this summer

  3. Joline

    How fun! At our last vacation we played French music on loop because we were on a French island and we wanted the whole ambience to be French!! 🙂

  4. Ngozi

    Sorry by Rick Ross ft Chris Brown

  5. Melissa

    I’m obsessed with ‘Classic’ by MKTO, I know it’s old but it’s just so upbeat!

  6. Aga

    Paramore’s After Laughter is an album I love to listen to in the summer time 🙂

  7. Marjie Mare

    I am not sure that you are familiar with the kind of music we play in my household and during any vacation. We always play Konpa which is the music I grew up with.

  8. Razena

    The only song that is synonymous with summer and beaches for me is Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Its an oldie but evergreen 🙂

  9. Rachel R Ritlop

    awe so fun! we’ve been loving truth hurts by lizzo for the pool and cool i think it’s called by the jonas brothers

  10. I love all of Bob Marley songs for the beach, makes me think I am in Jamaica somewhere.

  11. Oscar

    Any thing from Westlife would be great for me.

  12. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom

    California Girls! It just brings me back to my teenage years and my mind goes straight to the beach.

  13. Purva

    Aaj blue hai paani…. Hindi song that’s perfect for a pool party! 😎

  14. AMY ~
    This blog bit or yours was posted on July 10, 2019, but at the conclusion of the blog bit you wrote this: “But hurry, this is only a weekly thing! Submissions will close on next Monday, July 1!”

    I’m guessing you meant that the submissions will close on Monday, July 15th.

    Any “Beach” Playlist that doesn’t include songs by THE BEACH BOYS is a total joke, a total “pretender”, and just downright embarrassing!!!

    Brian Wilson and his Beach Boys were one of the very most influential bands in the history of Rock / Pop music. And that is NOT a debatable point. All you gotta do is start reading journalists who have written extensively on Rock / Pop music. (And I am definitely NOT talking about know-nuttin’ Millennial music journalists!! Wisdom comes with experience, and there is NO other way to get wisdom apart from experience!)

    A “Beach” Playlist?
    Well, if it doesn’t include the following songs by THE BEACH BOYS, you should just throw it away and fuhgeddaboudit! :


    But, truthfully, at least half of The Beach Boys’ compilation album ‘ENDLESS SUMMER’ should be on ANY truly “Essential” Beach Playlist!

    Related URL:

    ~ D-FensDogG

  15. Hey 🙂 I dunno he he but I’ll tell you one of my favourites .. 🙂

    What about ‘Shallow’?

  16. A Nikole

    Steal my sunshine by Len. It always makes me smile and dance. It’s kind of cheesy but I love it.

  17. Magen

    I love bands like Sublime and Incubus for summer.

  18. roxyturtle

    I don’t listen to the radio much but I always when “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” comes on at the beach!! What a fun idea. =)

  19. Hackytips

    I do listen to Hindi & Kannada songs but I’m not sure you are aware of them.

  20. joy

    i’ve been enjoying a britney spears playlist lately. songs like toxic make me smile.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  21. D'ondra M Howard

    I think anything by India Arie is good feel good music to listen to on the beach.

  22. Jackline A

    I am still on the old town road tip. That would be on my playlist

  23. Polly

    Hi Aisasami, I’ve been to Japan (4x) but haven’t tried the beaches (yet!) but I shall return! 😀

    I do a bit of surfing here and my to-go beach songs would be ‘Better Days’ by a local Pinoy band, Franco. And ‘Bowl For Two’ by The Expendables.

  24. Taylor Justin

    Okay, it’s very trendy. But “Act up” by the City Girls is my jam!

  25. Sheena Moncatar

    Oh such a difficult question but lately whenever at the beach, my jam’s either Jack Johnson or some reggae beats. Will check out my playlist later.

  26. Clark Ford

    Celebrrate The Sun by Clark Ford ft. Underground Treehouse

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