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Name Me a Song Series: Mother

Starting today, Ai love music is featuring a new portion and I need your help.

👉What I need from you is to name me a song with “Mother” in it! The word “Mother” can be in the title, in the lyrics, or in the subject, but give me a song about mothers. It can be in any language too!

👉You can submit your song’s name in the comment section of this post! And, I will feature it in a round-up post next week!

⏰ But hurry, this is only a weekly thing! Submissions will close on Sunday!

I can’t wait to hear your submissions!

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  1. Nancy L

    I love Carrie Underwood, Mama’s Song. I was trying to think of an older song from when I was a little girl, but I can’t remember the title or who sang it. It will come to me…

  2. Tiffany Meiter

    “Mother Knows Best.” This is from Tangled. I am a huge Disney fan and its one of the best ones!

  3. Stephanie

    First one that comes to mind doesn’t have “mother” but a variation of it: “Mama’s Song” by Carrie Underwood.

  4. Ivan Jose

    Could not think of one with Mother in it but I believe there is a song called “Mama” by Boyz2Men.

  5. Joanne

    Like my mother does by lauren alaina

  6. Courthey

    Omg I can’t really think of a song besides maybe mama Mia lol…. does that count lol

  7. Dalene Ekirapa

    Yes! Sweet Mother is so beautiful and I love that song. The lyrics are just so touching and a perfect dedication to moms.

  8. Eileen M Loya

    Since you said it could be in any language, I would like you to give a listen to “Mama Shuo” (Mother Says), a Mandarin pop song by Vic Zhou (Zhou Yu Min). Funny and upbeat, all about how Mama has the last say. (

  9. Angela Tolsma

    I have sat here trying to think of a song with mother in it and all I came up with was mother goose and I don’t know if there’s a song for her. Good luck in your hunt.

  10. Arlee Bird

    The first thing that came to my mind was “Your Mother Should Know” by the Beatles. Gosh, I haven’t heard that song in years!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  11. Neely Moldovan

    Oh gosh I can’t think of any off the top of my head but of course I thought of Father Figure by george michael LOL

  12. Mijia Eggers

    Interesting topic! My son is also using mother as the tops c for his songs.

  13. TheVirginiaNymph

    How about this one — Mothers of the Disappeared it’s by U2 ^_^

  14. Becca Wilson

    This is such a great topic of discussion. My submission is ‘A Mother’s Love’ by Aretha Franklin.

  15. Christa

    Mother by Florence + the Machine. 😀

  16. Michael

    The one from carpenters. “You”? Not sure though about the title lol

  17. Anagha

    I first thought about “”Mary did you know? “but it does not have mother word in it. “Your mother should know”by beatels.

  18. Monidipa Dutta

    I would suggest Mama likes roses by Elvis Presley.

  19. Cindy

    Doesn’t have the word mother in it but the song by ABBA “Slipping Through My Fingers” is sung from a mother’s perspective. Love that song. So bittersweet.

  20. My husband and I sing together, and “How can I Help You Say Good-bye” [Patty Loveless] is a favorite of ours. This one is a ‘Mama’ rather than a ‘Mother,’ but I think it stands.

  21. Kristen

    My kids are big Disney fans so the Tangled movie “Mother Knows Best” is what comes to mind for me.

  22. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Does Mama count?

    If it does reminds me of the song Mama by Charice
    And Let it Be by the Beatles.

  23. Subhashish Roy

    Let it be by Beatles is the one that comes to my mind… Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom.

  24. Helen Neale

    Oh no, that was a tough question.I think Mother’s Knows Best . Just listened to it yesterday when my girls are watching tangles Lol

  25. Karla

    Woah this is tough. I know there’s a song called “Happy Mothers Day”.

  26. Laura

    Mother by Pink Floyd is a classic

  27. Danielle

    Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s Song” is one of my favorites!

  28. Haroon Ejaz

    Mother and Child Reunion By Paul Simon, one of my favorite songs.

  29. Lisa

    The only song that comes to mind is Mama by the Spice Girls lol! Sorry!

  30. Favour

    I don’t know if you go international cos right here in Africa specifically in Nigeria there are songs that has lots of mother title. There’s one that I love most, “sweet mother”.

  31. Amanda

    I love mama’s song by Carrie Underwood!

  32. Cait

    Omg there are so many great songs ha love Carrie Underwood’s mama song – it’s the best

  33. Hoang Vi Fessenden

    You have the cutest song posts

  34. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Does Mama Mia count? Hahahaha

  35. Yonnah M

    I’m not too good with remember song titles. Nothing is coming to me right now, sorry! Good luck

  36. Hackytips

    I will go with Sweet Mother! One of the best according to me 🙂

  37. Deborah Salko

    So to be clear, i didn’t see anyone post this. and when you listen to the lyrics and depth its an amazing sone. Dear Mama by 2pac

  38. Blairvillanueva

    Mamma Mia! by ABBA that’s a cool song too and got a great movie.

  39. Djebe Laws

    Dear mama is a great one that i am familiar with

  40. Vaishali

    There is a Hindi song called “Ma” from a movie taare zameen par. I like it

  41. Elizabeth O

    I say Abba’s Mamma Mia is like reliving my childhood mother loves that song..

  42. Elizabeth O

    Wonderful. There was a popular song in Nigeria called Sweet Mother. Everyone loved it. .

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