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Namie Amuro vs. Girlfriend: Wishing On The Same Star

It’s that time of the month again! It’s the Battle of the Songs! This battle is on the song “Wishing On The Same Star”, penned by Diane Warren. It is between the Australian girl band Girlfriend and Jpop artists Namie Amuro.

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Namie Amuro: The Everlasting Queen of Japanese Music

Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro is my idol since I was in middle school. She is one of my favorite Japanese artists. I have written about Namie Amuro before here on this blog. I wrote a review when she released a really great album called _genic. I also wrote up a 20-year anniversary post. And then on the day when she retired from the entertainment industry, I wrote a farewell post.

But, this post is different. It is to celebrate! Finally, Namie Amuro’s discography was uploaded on Amazon Music and Spotify last week. It was a dream come true! I have been listening to all her songs nonstop since last week!

Wishing on the Same Star

This Battle of the Song is about the song “Wishing on the Same Star”. It was originally recorded by Keedy. It was on her 1991 album Chase in the Clouds. The Australian girl band Girlfriend released their own version two years later. It appears on their album It’s Up to You. Then, Namie Amuro recorded her own version in 2002.

Diane Warren, writer of "Wishing on the Same Star"

An interesting fact is that this Amuro’s last single as a pop artist. After this, she transitioned into R&B and hip-hop music. Another fact that is that this single was planned to be her last for a while. The plan was for her to go to New York for artist development. But, that plan never happened.

“Wishing on the Same Star” was written by Diane Warren. She wrote songs for Celine Dion (“Because You Love Me”), Leann Rimes (“How Do I Live?”), Aerosmith (“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”), Taylor Dayne (“Love Will Lead You Back”), and others. She also wrote a lot of theme songs for countless films. Some of the most famous movie songs were “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (Mannequin), “Music of My Heart”, “For You I Will” (Space Jam), and others. If you were living in the 80s and/or the 90s, then you know at least one song that was written by Diana Warren.

Girlfriend or Namie Amuro?

So here it is: the “Wishing On The Same Star” of the Battle of the Song. Who will win? Namie Amuro or Girlfriend. Please listen to each song and vote for your favorite one in the comments below!

Girlfriend’s Version

Girlfriend was your typical 90s girl group. The members were Robyn Loau, Melanie Alexander, Lorinda (Rindy) Noble, Siobhánn Heidenreich, and Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cowell. Their pop songs were about girl power waaaaaay before the Spice Girls. Also, they were about typical topics like romance. Yet, they weren’t only about music, but also for their fashion sense! The group released their own fashion line during the height of their careers.


Their version of “Wishing On The Same Star” features Siobhánn as the lead vocals. The other four members provided harmony. Girlfriend’s version is a typical 90s’ girl band ballad. It features a basic synthesized instrumental track, a sweet female vocal, rich harmonies, and the 90s’ keyboard. Whenever I listen to this song, I usually end up singing the harmonies as they are interesting. They are also very rich as they add some depth to the main vocals.

Girlfriend’s rendition of “Wishing On The Same Star” is very sweet yet a typical 90’s ballad. It is a great listen though, especially for those who lived through the 90s like me.

Namie Amuro version

(Note: This is a one minute abbreviated version of the official music video. You can find the original full version here.)

Namie’s “Wishing On The Same Star” is more down-to-earth than Girlfriend’s version. Amuro did have some high-pitch, girl band-like vocals back in the 90s. But, by 2002, her vocals were more down-to-earth as the singer used more of her lower ranges. Also, she was transitioning to R&B which focus more on the singer’s lower ranges. Yet, she does make use of notes in the higher register and in a beautiful way.

Namie Amuro’s version is very soothing. It is a mid-tempo ballad that features the singer’s rich and deep vocals. It is a great listen anywhere, at home or at work, as it is relaxing.

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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  1. Renee

    I love learning about new music! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashli Ferguson

    OH I have never heard either of these before but I like Girlfriend the best… I think! haha

  3. Joan

    I think I will go for Namie, they are both good but I loved hers a bit more.

  4. Lori Bosworth

    Diane Warren has written so many great songs! I think I prefer Girlfriend’s version of her song!

  5. GiGi Eats

    I really don’t know!! I am so bad at choosing!

    1. aisasami

      It is ok to choose both! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Cyndi Buchanan

    I haven’t heard of either of these. I find it funny that the picture reminds me of the show Blossom. The 90’s are coming back.

    1. aisasami

      Hahaha! That was such a great show! Floral hats!

  7. OMG you remind me of my young days when I was in Japan. I vote Namie definitely. I can’t remember her songs though. But I remember watching her interview on TV when she just started her music career.

  8. F-P

    I actually like the old crackling music in Girlfriend with the vocals of Nami.
    Is that a valid vote?

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! What was your favorite song?

  9. Melissa

    I have never heard of these people before, but this is a pretty cool write up!

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Did you listen to the songs? What was your favorite song?

  10. Lorita

    Me too! I also love Namie Amuro. She’s great. I have one of her albums from way back. sadly she doesn’t sing anymore

  11. Lisette

    I’ve never heard of either prior to this post. I really enjoyed Namie’s version!

  12. I am going to have to show this to my Daughter she has always had a facination for Japanese culture, music etc and will see which she prefers

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was her favorite?

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I would give my vote to Namie. I love the smooth way she sang the song, and her voice is so relaxing. I could play this song over and over and won’t get tired of listening to it!

  14. Jackson Cyprian

    Wow.. Am already looking forward to be there. Thanks for telling me how beautiful it is.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?


    I love getting to know if new songs thanks for sharing this

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  16. Komal

    I’ve never heard of these artists so this “vs” series has given me some new music to listen to!

  17. roxy

    I’d never heard Namie’s version before, and I love it! So I will vote for her.

  18. Kimmy Mason

    I’ll have to vote for Namie, though I was not previously familiar with this song. Thanks for sharing, and introducing me to something new.

  19. Jade Braham

    This isn’t really my kind of music but I would say Namie sounded better. Her voice had a lot more gravitas!

  20. Elena Toma

    I am fascinated with her beautiful face and of course she has an amazing voice too.She has my vote !

  21. Joanna

    I haven’t heard about any of these singers before. After hearing the song performed by both, I tend to like more the Namie Amuro version, as her voice makes it very soothing.

  22. Polly

    Hands down, Namie Amuro! Oh man, this reminds me of childhood. I also like “Toi et Moi”.

  23. sonali

    I have never heard these artists name/songs but surely i guess both are awesome in its own way. Very nicely written though.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  24. SONYA


    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  25. I like the Namie version the best. I had never heard either one until reading this post. I love learning about something new, especially when it comes to music. I’m looking forward to reading more and finding new artists to listen to.

  26. Stephanie

    I haven’t heard either of these before, but I really like the sound of Namie Amuro. And knowing her music is on Spotify is great, I’ll have to look for it!

  27. Liz Cochico

    I loved Namie’s version. She also has a very pretty face. I’ve never heard of her before, but I love her style.

  28. Rhonda Albom

    I have not heard either version before but I like the Namie Amuro better. It sounds a bit more contemporary.

  29. Marjie Mare

    I have not heard them personally but my daughter asked where have I been as she always knows all the songs you shared.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was her favorite?

  30. Neil Alvin

    I love Japan so I say I’m quite biased. So Japan wins haha

  31. Liz Bayardelle

    I really love your blog because it exposes me to all kinds of music I’d never encounter otherwise! I actually like both of these!

  32. Joanna

    Both versions are nice, but Namie Amuro wins for me. Her voice is so nice to listen to.

  33. Ruchi Verma

    I have not heard both of them…will sure check out both thanks for bringing this !!

  34. Junell DuBois

    I have never heard of either of these artists. I think Namie was my favorite.

  35. Jazmin Williams

    I’ve been into KPOP lately, but Namie may be the gateway into getting into JPOP! I vote her.

  36. This is a really cool post. You’ve shaken up the memories with the music I grew up with. I like both versions of the song, as both artists put different energy and emotions into the same skeleton of the song. But the unique interpretation makes them both true artists.
    Thank you for the great memories.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  37. tweenselmom

    I love both versions, they both sound pleasant and I’d like to listen to them a couple of times.

  38. David Elliott

    The very same songs with two very different moods. Although one has to incorporate the whole girl band element with multiple women. I think Namie’s is a lot more powerful. She’s definitely got a stronger voice.

  39. Polly

    My opinion remains the same, Namie Amuro 100%!!! 😀

  40. Jessica A

    I have never heard this song before but the Naime Amuro version is my favorite

  41. I too haven’t heard of either of these groups which shouldn’t shock anyone since I am a Gen X kid and know so little about KPOP or JPOP (I just learned about that one!) But after listening to both renditions I would have to say I like Namie Amuro the best.

  42. I am not a big follower of this genre of music, but have to admit your range of the styles you love is pretty extensive. Bravo, and thank you for a great analysis.

  43. Sophie Wentworth

    I love learning more about music and new artists, thanks for sharing! x


    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  44. Christa

    I haven’t heard either of these before. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to pick a favorite.

    1. Arun Dahiya

      My vote is for namie. I always look forward to your posts.

    2. aisasami

      It is ok to choose both! Thanks for stopping by!

  45. Neely

    Oh wow both are so good! I had never heard either

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  46. Sushmita

    This is such a good post! Reliving some good memories! 🙂

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  47. Patranila

    Oh my gosh Blossom! I had completely forgotten about that show. Oh the 90s!

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Blossom was a great show!

  48. Laura

    I don’t think I’m familiar with either of the songs. Thank you for sharing these with us x

    Pink Frenzy

  49. Maysz

    Since I’m a fan of Japanese music I choose Namie Amuro HAHAAHAHA! But I would love to check this two 🙂

  50. Dalene Ekirapa

    Namie Amuro’s version is so beautiful! I haven’t heard much of Japanese music but with how she sings it, I am loving it. Her voice is really sweet making the song really soothing.

  51. Lina Melo

    Namie Amuro is such a great artist, he has a beautiful voice.

  52. Luna S

    I would have to say I like the Namie Amuro’s version a bit better, it is quite beautiful.

  53. Kristal

    They are both really great artists I loved both versions of the songs.

  54. Blairvillanueva

    I am learning Japanese language, and that includes listening to Japanese. It is lovely to learn new music from new artists.

    1. aisasami

      頑張ってください! If you need any help in Japanese, let me know! I am fluent!

  55. Quin Cl

    I never heard of these two before, but they are both very talented. I love Japanese music by the way and the language too. 🙂

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite Japanese songs?

    1. aisasami

      It is ok to choose both! Thanks for stopping by!

  56. Hackytips

    Never heard of these but they look good in their own way.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  57. Kemi

    Is Namie half-Japanese? If so, it’s good to see them being *somewhat* accepted by Japanese society, even though they deserve full acceptance. I like her.

    1. aisasami

      She is actually a quarter Italian from her mother’s side.

  58. Michael

    You have a unique taste in music really. Thanks for sharing. I love the classic vibe with the music videos lol

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

  59. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!

    It’s the little changes that produce the greatest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  60. Elizabeth O

    I like the Girlfriend’s version of the song.. I think it’s sweet and relaxing to the ears.

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