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How Natalie Clark’s “Ready to Roll” Is the Perfect Song for Your Late Summer Playlists

We are heading towards the middle of September. Many of us are starting to bring the feel of autumn to our daily lives. We fill our days with pumpkin spices, clothes for the cooler weather, and relaxing music that embodies the crisp autumn weather. However, don’t forget that September is still part of summer. And there is one song that you still have to enjoy in late summer!

What is that song? It’s “Ready to Roll” by Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark. Readers may know Clark from Season 10 of the NBC TV show The Voice. Even though she didn’t make it past the blind auditions, Scottish singer-songwriter has kept her passion ablaze. She has been making music, including her latest single “Ready to Roll”. Why is this song a perfect one for your late summer playlists? Why will it make you get up and dance? Find out by reading on!

Just Move!

Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark’s “Ready to Roll” features uplifting, positive energy that has listeners get up and dance. You can hear this from the bouncy guitar licks to even the percussions. There is a feel-good, groovy vibe is embedded in every fiber of the song. You can also hear a mellow organ and funky bass riffs taking the spotlight in some parts of the song to support the vibe. Clark does a great job with the instrumentation capturing the addictive, positive spirit in each instrument.

Clark’s timbre is another paramount piece in the song’s puzzle. The sultry yet smoky tones from the singer-songwriter help give the tune its infectious hold. There is some sort of empowerment in her vocals with the bold notes, the strength, and the singer-songwriter soaring musically with ease. Dulce melodies accompany the main vocal lines during sections like the chorus magnify the feel-good, compelling energy.

The Irish singer-songwriter hopes that the listeners can feel empowered while having a good time listening to “Ready to Roll”. In her own words, Natalie Clark had this message for listeners: “Putting you in a positive, cheeky, good mood, ready to take action, choosing your own path in life, while having a damn good time doing it!!”

Final Thoughts

“Ready to Roll” by Natalie Clark is the perfect song for your late summer playlists with its infectious melodies, positive vibes, and the singer-songwriter’s sultry, blazing vocals. From the very first beat, this cheeky song will empower! It brings that uplifting spirit to anyone who is inspired to take action while having fun. Make your own path while feeling joy and hope!

Do you feel the same way? Make sure to check out Natalie Clark’s “Ready to Roll” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark

Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark, who has reaped plaudits from Richard Branson and BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, launched her self-released debut EP, Eagles, in Scotland before heading stateside.

Selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA “Artist to Watch”, Natalie was featured in the Mercedes Benz U.S. commercial campaign which also included performances at the famous Roxy on Sunset and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. She was handpicked to open for the Grammy award-winning Indigo Girls tour and has been recording in L.A. Natalie was also featured on Season 10 of the NBC TV show The Voice, where Christina Aguilera sang praises of her “cool, powerful voice.” and Blake Shelton referred to her verses as “incredible.”

After giving up her teaching career in Scotland to pursue her dream of writing and playing music, the rising soul-pop artist made headlines in the U.K moved to LA and got signed by Indie Label DVG Record.

Make sure to check out Natalie Clark at the following:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram

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How Natalie Clark’s “Ready to Roll” Is the Perfect Song for Your Late Summer Playlists

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