You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Celebrate Fall With “First Day of Fall” by Nathaniel David Knox

The Daily Feature: Celebrate Fall With “First Day of Fall” by Nathaniel David Knox

Happy First Day of Fall/Autumn! 🍁 To celebrate this beautiful season, Today’s Daily Feature is “First Day of Fall” by American Folk artist Nathaniel David Knox. This is what the artist had to say about the song:

Fall feels like an old friend who’s come back to visit. It feels like coming home. I wanted to write something that feels like that and celebrates that in both the genre and with the instruments that feel most like fall to me — acoustics, banjo, bells, upright bass, thundering drums and big vocals swirling with reverb. You can practically feel the wind and smell the cider and pumpkin and hear the falling leaves in the track (hopefully). My plan to promote it is to tell as many people as possible so maybe they can have a bit of joy this fall.

“First Day of Fall” is a fun song that details the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn in someone’s life. It features an upbeat tempo with a lively banjo and acoustic guitar riffs. Knox continues that big energy with big vocals with reverb. The melody and energy in both the chorus and verses are infectious with their melodic ways and catchiness. “First Day of Fall” captures the fun yet hopeful vibe of autumn perfectly.

Yet, in the middle of the verse and chorus is a lovely little section nestled in between. It is a beautiful representation of leaves falling with a soft, melodic vocal line in the higher range. It is accompanied by bells and a softer guitar melody. It is played in a slighter slower tempo to give that sense of gazing at falling leaves. It is quite delightful!

Nathaniel David Knox’s newest single is a perfect song for the spirit of autumn. The tune features huge energy, captivating melodies, and fall motifs in the instrumentation. It is such an enjoyable tune that will be perfect for anyone’s fall playlist!

Make sure to check out “First Day of Fall” down below, and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Nathaniel David Knox

Nathaniel David Knox

Atlanta, Georgia native Nathaniel David Knox creates music of all kinds as much as he can—whether it’s original compositions and scores for his SEVERAL STORIES HIGH podcast, cozy lo-fi instrumentals, eclectic indie tunes with heartfelt vocals… or anything else that decides to spark and spring up from his imagination.

He sincerely thanks you for listening. If you want to keep up with Nathaniel’s music, podcast, novels, and other creations—visit his website:

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The Daily Feature: Celebrate Fall With "First Day of Fall" by Nathaniel David Knox

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