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Since today we celebrated ☆ai love music☆’s 50th blog post, I want to announce a new segment as we continue to celebrate.☆ai love music☆ already has a few already like the weekly flashback music post, Live Report, Music Rewind, A Blast from the Past, and Musical Reactions. But now, I want to add a new segment!
Drumroll please!
It’s “New Discoveries with []”!!
Wait, what is with the []s? That is a mystery because “New Discoveries with []” will feature new music and even interview from artists around the world. That’s right, we will hopefully interview artists as we featured their music here. I hoping it’s weekly but we see how often we can write this segment based who emails me. Sounds cool?
Original, cover, vocals, instrumentals, dance, pop, rap! You name it, we will cover it!
If you want to be featured on this site, please send a request at If you want me to interview you, please tell me that in the email. Interviews can happen via Skype or email (however, email might work best for both parties) If not, please send me a brief introduction about yourself and the songs you want to introduce. Please don’t forgot to send the songs you want me to feature.
Let’s Discover Music Together!

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