You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: New Wolves Soothes Audiences With “Draw another circle”

The Daily Feature: New Wolves Soothes Audiences With “Draw another circle”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Draw another circle” by British Indie Pop/Indie Rock band New Wolves. The song describes a melodic and melancholy walk around familiar roads and paths that lead into one another. New Wolves’ newest release is like pure bliss with soothing acoustic melodies and a mellow electric guitar creating bright musical pieces throughout the song. The synth bass and drum helps to keep a tempo and grounds the tune a bit with its earthly tones. Finally, the song’s old-world acoustic and recent world synth sound coming together is such a delight as it creates this mellow track that is very ear-pleasing.

“Draw another circle” is a very mellow song that features soothing acoustic melodies, a mellow electric guitar, earthly thuds from the bass and drums, and vocals that are soft and light. If you are looking for a melodic tune to sooth your day, you have to listen to New Wolves’ newest single NOW!

Make sure to check out “Draw another circle” by New Wolves down below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

About the Artist: New Wolves

New Wolves

New Wolves are a 3 piece indie electronica band formed in 2019. Brought up in the space where the Welsh mountains rise and the old industries fail, the band throws both concepts in their acoustic meets broken synthesizer instrumentation, and high, floating vocals with contrasting low, rhythmic harmonies.

They are building a good reputation with the music blogs and radio for creating warm, wonky, synth driven guitar music. Their distinctive sound, at once strangely leftfield but familiar enough to draw in the alt-curious, has been described with the question: “What would a 2020 Kraftwerk sound like if Elliot Smith was in the band?”

They are quickly building into an acclaimed new act with a unique sound, particularly with music writers and influencers – their first self released singles being described as ‘song that stood out in the harvest of new music – POPMUZIK’ and ‘we haven’t stopped playing them in the Gas Mask HQ ‘ .

After self-releasing three singles, they were discovered by Echoism Records from Paris/France. They will now be releasing their music worldwide (distributed by The Orchard), starting with a four-track EP in early 2021.

Make sure to check out New Wolves at the following sites:

Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter

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New Wolves Soothes Audiences With "Draw another circle"

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