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How Nick Kamen’s “Each Time You Break My Heart” Is Related to the Queen of Pop Madonna

Nick Kamen's "Each Time You Break My Heart"

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is about finding a song or lyrics about heartbreak. For this prompt, I pick British singer Nick Kamen’s 1987 single “Each Time You Break My Heart”. How is this related to the Queen of Pop Madonna? Continue to read in order to find out!

Demos, Demos, Demos

I am a big fan of demos. When I was little, my mom would always play the demo versions (or early versions) of songs by The Beatles because she was really obsessed with them. But, for me, I really love listening to demos of Japanese music acts (like Morning Musume. as their producer had some interesting demos) as well as my favorite acts from various decades. I love listening to the unreleased demos from Sting and The Police as there is a song or two I wish the band could have released. Like “Don’t You Believe Me”. I love that song so much!

“Each Time You Break My Heart”. was actually a demo. Even though it was officially released by Nick Kamen as his debut single, it was actually penned by Madonna, You see, it was penned during the time when the Queen of Pop was writing for and recording True Blue in 1986. She even recorded a demo of “Each Time You Break My Heart” in hopes that the song would appear on the album. But, it eventually didn’t make the final cut.

Madonna eventually gave the song to Nick Kamen, who gained popularity after appearing in the famous 1984 Levi 501 commericial. The Queen of Pop actually wanted to produce Kamen’s album when he signed a deal with Sire Records (which Madonna was part of in the 80s), but she couldn’t fulfill her wish as she was really busy in the filming of Who’s That Girl. Yet, Madonna did provide background vocals for the song.

Sadly, Nick Kamen died this year on May 4 due to a long battle with bone marrow cancer. Madonna wrote this tribute for him: “You were always such a kind, sweet human and you suffered too much”.[1]

Nick and Madonna together in the 80s

A Little Voice Inside Me Cries

Described as a light synthpop tune, “Each Time You Break My Heart” was a hit as the single reached number 5 on the UK charts. The Shep Pettibone remix reached number five on the US Dance Charts. I am not a big fan of Kamen’s version of the song as I prefer Madonna’s vocals over his as they are more consistent with her tone as well as an appropriate tone for this light synthpop/dance tune. Also, I think Madonna is a way better singer than Nick Kamen, but that could be just my opinion.

And if you are asking how is this song is related to the prompt, you got to listen to the lyrics. The song is filled with so much heartbreak as the main character is trying to end a relationship with the person he/she most desperately loves. The main character tries to tell himself/herself that this is the last time they will see each other. But, I think the main character really wishes that the other could understand their heartbreak. Maybe the main character also wishes that this breakup wasn’t going to go through and secretly hopes that the lover would back to him or her. But, nevertheless, the main character expresses his heartbreak in every little detail throughout the song.

What do you think of “Each Time You Break My Heart”? Who did it better: Madonna or Nick Kamen? Listen to both versions of the songs and let me know what you think in the comments!

Here is Madonna’s demo version:

Lyrics For Nick Kamen’s “Each Time You Break My Heart”

Each time you break my heart
Each time you break my heart

I know how it feels to be the talk of the town
I’m not gonna let you go and run around
I need to know that you’ll be true to me
‘Cause that’s the way it’s got to be

Why can’t you give your promise to me
Is love so blind that you cannot see
I’m trying hard not to walk out the door
Know that I, oh, know that I can’t take any more

Each time you break my heart
I try to put my pride aside
Each time you break my heart
A little voice inside me cries

No matter what you do or say
I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna love you anyway
And if you’re so sure that I’m not your kind
How come you can’t just walk away

In the beginning, we were nothing but glad
Those were the best days that we ever had
There’s no compassion, all your warmth is gone
Tell me how, oh, how can I keep holding on

I see the look in your eyes
I know you’re hurting inside
Let me try
To make you love me again
I’ll say that I knew you when
You were mine
You were mine
Each time, oh, yeah

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