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The Daily Feature: The Brillant Songwriter Named Nick Nittoli

Today’s Daily Feature features two songs by American rapper and songwriter Nick Nittoli. You may know this rapper as he featured on the Bravo show Platinum Hit back in 2011. He finished fourth in this songwriting competition, but it didn’t detour him as he kept on writing songs. Since then, he has written and produced songs for such artists as Snoop Dogg (“Go 4 It”, performed also by Corey Feldman), Neon Hitch (“I Know You Wannit”), Sam Bruno (“Wildlife”), French Montana (“Money Makes The World Go Round”), Bianca Ryan, YG, Fabian Mazur, Zendaya, and many others.

Nittoli signed with Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell Music Publishing in 2017 and has pursued his solo career since then. He has described his music to be a mixture of R&B, country, pop, and hip-hop. He has been inspired by an array of artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Blink 182.

Hoping that listeners can take away an experience that can’t get anywhere else, Nittoli continues to amaze listeners with his slick raps, groovy melodies, and his talent for making and performing tunes in a variety of genres. Check out two of his latest songs, “Place For Us” and “Whistle”, as you are in for a real treat!

What is your favorite song? Listen and tell me in the comments!

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The Brillant Songwriter Named Nick Nittoli

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  1. Shash

    Good interview, intelligent, leading questions. “Place for Us” is my favorite. Thought-provoking, honest lyrics from someone asking real questions. Well done.

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