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Make Your Own Cherished Moments With Nightingale’s “Sun”

Melbourne-based producer/artist Nightingale reflects on emotions with his newest single “Sun”. Influenced by the likes of electronica artists like Rufus Du Sol and ODESZA, “Sun” reflects on the joyful side of life, but also on the appreciation of those moments spent with loved ones. How these memories can carry throughout our lifetimes. “I was inspired by the sentimental feelings and emotions that we get when we realise something amazing is about to finish….While on the one hand, I lamented the fact that those times had to end, yet I was thankful for it and how it has shaped me.”

The track is lush with cascading synth riffs, chilled soundscape, bouncy beats, and shimmery guitar riffs. This summery instrumentation is supported by smooth, airy vocals that float across like puffy clouds in the summer sky: lovely and blithe. With this memorable musicality and introspective lyrics, the artist hopes that listeners can create mementos of their own life journey with “Sun” this year.

Make sure to listen to “Sun” down below. Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

About the Artist: Nightingale

Melbourne-based producer/singer/songwriter Esmond Angeles’ solo electronic project Nightingale was born to create meaningful soundtracks to our individual and collective journeys. The sounds of Rüfüs Du Sol, Lastings, and Hayden James resonate and echo throughout the songs that Nightingale has created.

With his first release of 2022 ‘Vermillion’ featuring on Triple J’s ‘House Party’ program and accumulating extensive streams and press coverage, Nightingale looks forward to continuing to establish himself as the up and coming electronic act to watch out for with a revised show featuring a live band!

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