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Behind the Scenes Of Nightlane’s “Fame”

American Electronic producer Nightlane recently talked to ai love music over email about his recent release entitled “Fame”. Nightlane is originally from San Francisco, CA, and has been producing for over 10 years. He has had over 100 placements in TV, film, and ads as well as produced for artists such as Paris Hilton. He is currently based in Los Angeles working on new music that will be released the rest of this year and next.

Check out what Nightline said what was “Fame” was all about and how did they come up with the song. Make sure to also listen to “Fame”. Let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, please introduce yourself!

Hey there! My name is AJ Arroyo, also known as Nightlane.


How did you get into music? What has that journey been?

I got into music as a kid, started with rock and metal from the 90s, stuff like No Doubt, Bush, and Korn. It’s been interesting because as much as I enjoyed listening to music I never saw myself making a career out of it. I planned to be a computer engineer or maybe a chef haha.

What artists and/or musical genres influence you?

I am very open-minded in this regard, I can find something to appreciate in almost every genre. I produce for tv and film so I have a pretty good understanding of different styles. But as far as enjoyment I tend to gravitate to a lot of metal lately (especially melodic black metal), indie pop, and electronic dance music, especially industrial

As 2021 is winding down, what is something you wanted to be challenged in 2022?

I’d like to be able to release more songs and narrow down my brand. Doing in-person writing sessions were hard. In my opinion, it’s much easier to collab in person so I’m happy people are willing to get together again

Let’s talk about “Fame”. What is it about?

I have to give credit where it is due and this song was written by Nadda Mercenary, a cool name huh! These are her words:

Fame is a commentary on the successes and tragedies of becoming rich and famous and asks the question if death or tragedy are inevitable once one has reached international fame.

What inspired you to write it?

Also from Nadda:

I was sitting alone in my room, I was out of a job because of my mental health issues, and I was working a lot on my music career. I sat down and did what I do as therapy sometimes and wrote a cryptic song from my subconscious

How was the single’s production?

It is quite early in Nightlane’s musical journey, and because of the success of my first single “Dead Flowers,” it’s been hard being able to decide a direction to take musically. So I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and combinations. I think I redid the song about 3 times. That’s how indecisive I can be with my own projects. It ended up a combination of electronic with a bit of indie-pop, at least in my opinion.

What was the most thing you wanted to tell in “Fame” either musically or lyrically?

I wanted to raise awareness about the side of fame that people don’t think about, the scary dangerous parts of fame, the part’s that make me want to stay an unknown indie artist forever

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

I’m trying to propel the music forward, and open the minds of listeners. I like trying genres and sounds that weren’t intended to work together. Also bringing things back from the past, meaningful lyrics and musicality from generations of amazing artists that came before me.

Any future plans?

I live in Los Angeles now but moving to Nashville in the near future. I’m terrified but also excited to see what collaborations and opportunities the future holds. Of course, working on a bunch of new tunes for people to hear. I also have my next one called “The Other Side” coming out on Oct 28th. We waited a whole year so this one could come out during Halloween since it’s on the spooky side.

Make sure to check out Nightlane on the following:

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Behind the Scenes Of Nightlane's "Fame"

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