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NIIVA Is Back With Her Self-Titled EP: A Must Listen for 2020!

Bulgarian born, England raised, and now Canadian based NIIVA is back! This time with her first EP! This singer-songwriter is on fire as she released two tracks, “Love Games” and “Trigger”, this year that has garnered over 200,000 listens. Besides her own alluring tunes, NIIVA has been writing hits for other artists, like the debut single “Black Mamba” by the new Kpop girl group Aespa, which the song’s music video has amassed over 24 million views on Youtube in its first 24 hours. Wow!

But, why is NIIVA’s self-titled EP is a must-listen for 2020? What is so addictive about it? Read on to find out!

Make sure to listen NIIVA down below and let me know what you think about the album!

Why Is NIIVA Is a Must-Listen?

“This EP is warm and surreal trips to LA, and cozy at-home studios in Toronto; it’s young and naive, and bold and untouchable; it’s old flames and new fires; it’s strength and vulnerability. I could not be more proud and excited to share it with you.”


The answer is that this EP is so well-crafted for a variety of reasons. One is with its diversity of vibes and sounds. From sultry to pop-punk to acoustic, this EP has it all. Another reason is that this EP has strong, addictive tracks that are a force of their own. Each track featured has its own personality that showcases the reasons why they are such amazing pieces.

The album hits the ground running with the first track entitled “All In”. Like the next track “Trigger” (which I have featured on this blog in September), “All In” is a tune that features a “slow-burning rhythm, smooth vocals, and inebriating melodies”. Although “All In” features a sweeter side of NIIVA’s vocals, both “All In” and “Trigger” attracts the listeners with each note by the sultry, smoky melodies, and the slow-burning rhythms.

The third track is entitled “Stupid Me”, which is my personal favorite. When NIIVA recently talked to Global News, she described “Stupid Me” as a Kpop tune. And you can hear the influences from the Kpop genre in the song. Though, I hear something more: I hear influences from Arianda Grande and Camila Cabello, especially during the chorus. But, what I love most about the song is the chorus with the beautiful arrangement between the main vocals and the backing vocals, the strong pop vibe (even throughout the song), and the haunting melodies. “Stupid Me” is such a strong pop song!

The fourth track, “Love Games”, features an acoustic side of the singer-songwriter. It first features an acoustic guitar but switches to a bare-boned synthesized track that a prominent sound from the drum machine kit. There is also a wicked electric guitar backing melody during the second verse that is well done. Though “Love Games” features a lighter, more acoustic version of NIIVA, it is such a great tune with the singer-songwriter’s sweet vocals and the wicked beats within the instrumentation.

The next track is “Bad Decision”, which is the shortest track on this EP. NIIVA said that tune was influenced by her time in a pop-punk band. And, you can hear it from its darker vibes within the instrumentation. But, the spiciness of the instrumentation is tamed by the sweetness of the singer-songwriter’s vocals. I would love more of “Bad Decision” as it has so much potential as it is such a strong dark pop tune.

The fifth track is “Sweeter”, a tune that features more of a chilled vibe. The instrumentation is mellower and features a lighter vibe. NIIVA delivers her vocals in “Sweeter” in a punchy fashion, especially during the pre-chorus. “Sweeter” sounds like a tribute to the laid-back sounds of the 90s pop sound with its light sound and sweet vocals.

The last track on this EP is “Welcome Back”. If you are fan of Arianda Grande, Camila Cabello, or any modern Kpop girl group, this song is for you as it features sounds and vocals tones that are found in those artists’ tunes. “Welcome Back” is a wonderful track to wrap up this EP as it features the various sides of NIIVA’s artistry that were featured in the other tracks. You can hear the diversity of sounds: sweetness, punchiness, the popish sound, and a little bit of sultry.

Final Thoughts

A well-crafted album with strong tunes and a diversity of vibes and sound, NIIVA’s self-titled EP is a must-listen for any music lover! It features a little bit of everything for every listener of any genre. The tracks featured has its own personality as well as their own force of power that showcases the reasons why they are so worthy of listening to.

Make sure to listen to the EP down below! What is your favorite track?

About the Artist: NIIVA

Bulgarian born, England raised, and now Canadian based, NIIVA has found her home with music. The singer/songwriter serves up organic modern-pop hymns wrapped up in a digital bow. Spinning relatable stories with a cool and conversational flow, she delivers a sort of lyrical liquid courage in a defiant yet approachable voice. There’s no mistake NIIVA’s in the driver’s seat, so sit back and see the world through lilac-tinted windows.

NIIVA’s career has been quietly on the rise, from signing with VLVT Tree / Warner Chappell for a USA publishing deal and a 10 day writing trip to South Korea with SM Entertainment – a major K-POP label (Red Velvet, BoA), she also sang background vocals for K-POP artist, Taeyeon’s latest single “Happy”, which reached #1 on the iTunes Charts in 15 countries and has shared the stage with incredible artists such as Shawn Hook and Ria Mae.

Be sure to check out NIIVA at the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Spotify

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