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Nix is Back With the Captivating Pop Anthem “Fools”

Nix is back with another single! This time with her savory new pop single “Fools”. The Canadian singer is no stranger to ai love music, as her song “Playing With Fire” was featured last year.

I had the chance to talk to Nix via email about her newest release and her musical journey. Check out the interview down below as well as the song.

For those who didn’t read my review about your single “Playing With Fire,” could you introduce yourself? (BTW, I want to say congratulations on your accomplishments with “Playing with Fire.” I am so happy for you!) 

Thank you! Your review of Playing With Fire is one of my favourites, and it means so much to me that you took the time to review it and share it with your audience. For those who don’t know me, I’m Nix and I am a pop artist from Toronto, Canada!

According to the bio on your official page, you are inspired by “90s-pop divas and old-school crooners.” What artists or music genres inspire you as an artist?

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the Spice Girls, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald were my top influences… they were on heavy rotation when I was a kid, and today I still draw inspiration from them, but they were the originals that inspired me to become an artist. Today, Becky G, The Weeknd, and Rosalia inspire me, to name a few. 

You have been involved with music at a young age, right? What is one word that you would use to describe your musical journey and why?

Battle. My musical journey has definitely been a battle. Not just with the inner workings of the industry, and the politics that come with it, but with myself, and figuring out what the right path was for me. I took the time to focus on a career outside of music for a long time, which led to a delay in putting my music out, but I have finally found my way.

You have worked with some pretty big names in the industry, like Roy Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson) and Grammy-nominated songwriter Ethan Hulse. What was it like working with such talented musicians who work with some big stars? What did you take from these musicians?

It’s very humbling and also a great privilege to get to work with some of the best in the business. Both Roy and Ethan are exceptional human beings and musicians, and I owe them a lot for helping me find my voice and create songs that I am so proud of and in love with. Working with them reminded me to always stay grateful, stay humble, stay genuine, and stay kind.

Let’s talk about your latest new single “Fools.” What is the story behind the lyrics?

 “Fools” was actually pretty easy to write… as in, the theme and lyrics came naturally since I am no stranger to being ghosted and lead on (unfortunately!). The song explores today’s toxic dating culture, and how normal it’s become to swipe on people, with complete disregard for their feelings. I consider it a pop anthem because the song speaks about realising that you are always worthy of love, and the people who treat you like dirt are the fools, and they can never make a fool out of you.

What was it like recording the tune? Who did you work with to produce this song?

It was fun! Writing with Ethan Hulse and working with my producer Nick Schwarz was such a chill experience. They also helped bring to life my previous singles “Tastes Like Sugar” and “Playing With Fire,” so by the time we got to “Fools,” we were like old friends getting together and making magic.

“Fools” is such a catchy, up-tempo tune that has a powerful message behind it. I just love the mood and the vocals! What would you want listeners to look out for in “Fools”?

Thank you! I hope listeners pay attention to the message – which is don’t let others making you feel foolish, or less-than because of their actions. You are worthy of love, and you deserve to be treated with respect.


What are your future plans?

I am putting out some Nix merch, which I am very excited about! I can’t believe we live in a time where facemasks are a popular merch item, but here we are. So stay tuned for those!  

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

That’s such a unique question… I hope listeners can take away my passion and my emotion when I sing, even if it’s an up-tempo pop song like “Fools.” And I hope they can connect to the messages and lyrics I put out. That’s what music is all about – connecting with others.

Any message for the readers of ai love music?

Thank you for reading! And I hope you continue to join me on my journey. Please drop a line and say hello – I would love to connect with my fans. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or send me a message from my website

Nix, thank you so much for letting me interview you! I wish you the best for your future endeavors! Thank YOU! 😀

About the Artist: NIX


Toronto-born Nix has a dazzling voice that reflects the old and new sounds of pop and R&B.  Having been heavily influenced by 90s-pop divas and old-school crooners, Nix has found her niche with the combination of these two styles. The result is soulful pop music packing a punch.

With a comprehensive musical upbringing that included singing in jazz ensembles and studying the classical violin for 10 years, Nix’s diverse musical knowledge informs her songwriting. At the age of 14, she became a published writer after winning a Young Adult poetry competition, which inspired her to fuse her innate writing and vocal talents. Since then, Nix’s advanced songwriting capabilities have earned her semi-finalist positions in the Music City Songstar Competition (2018, 2019), UK Songwriting Competition (2019), International Songwriting Competition (2019), the Great American Song Contest (2019), and many more.

Teaming up with multi-platinum producer Roy Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson) on her bold and jazzy tracks “My Baby” and “Agent X” allowed Nix to hone in on her sound. A collaboration with award-winning singer-songwriter Mat “Songsbury” Teofilo (Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Diplo) on the moving ballad “Six Feet Under” showed off the powerful, emotional side of Nix’s songwriting. Her singles, “Tastes Like Sugar” and “Playing With Fire,” co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter Ethan Hulse, pair the dance-worthy melodies of modern pop music with Nix’s irresistibly smooth vocals. The tracks have earned placements in MTV’s Ghosted and Siesta Key.

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NIX is Back With the Captivating Pop Anthem "Fools"

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