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No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”: A 90’s New Wave Theme Towards Feminine Independence

It’s #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is to find a song that begins with the letters “D” and “J”. What did I pick? I picked one of my favorite No Doubt songs, “I’m Just a Girl”. Check out the song and its background below!

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‘Cause I’m Just a Girl

Well, there is a reason that the sound of our music has changed and it’s not because we’ve sold out, easy for me to say. Eric […] used to write most of our songs. [This] was Gwen’s first time really writing all the lyrics herself so to me, it went the opposite from selling out. We have done something that is even more personal.

In the past, Eric was writing songs about his life and having Gwen sing them. Now we have Gwen singing and writing about her own experiences. It makes it more natural. She’s a singer, she should sing about herself or sing what she wants to sing. I think that is the main reason why our musical style has changed.

“I’m Just a Girl” was a 1995 single from No Doubt’s iconic debut album Tragic Kingdom, from which a previously mentioned song “Don’t Speak” came from. The first single off the album, “I’m Just a Girl” was written by the band’s main vocalist Gwen Stefani and guitarist Tom Dumont. Though, I think Stefani wrote most of the lyrics as she was one who chose the theme: “being frustrated at her father being overprotective due to her gender”.[1] It was also Stefani’s first song that she wrote without her brother, who left the band earlier in the year due to creative differences.

I can could really relate to this song as I got really frustrated at my dad’s overprotective nature and how he tried to dictate my life when I was younger. He also micro-managed my life too. It was so annoying. That is why I kind of left the house at age 22 but also move to another country (though I do love Japan and it was my desire to live here when I was younger).

Funny thing is that when I played this single at my parent’s house when I was 16 years old, I played it loud enough that my dad to notice it. I don’t remember exactly what his exact reaction was but he just lightly laughed at the context of the song. Nevertheless, I still love this song as it just gives me a boost in confidence as I am independent and I can do whatever I want, in any way I want.

What do you think of the song? How can you relate to it? Listen to it and let me know what you think in the comments!

Fun Fact; According to SongFacts[1], “When playing this at a Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa, California, lead singer Gwen Stefani’s mother asked her not to swear because their relatives were present. When Gwen swore, her mother refused to speak to her for a week.”

Lyrics for No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I’m exposed, and it’s no big surprise
Don’t you think I know exactly where I stand?
This world is forcing me to hold your hand

‘Cause I’m just a girl, oh, little old me
Well, don’t let me out of your sight
Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don’t let me have any rights

Oh, I’ve had it up to here

The moment that I step outside
So many reasons for me to run and hide
I can’t do the little things I hold so dear
‘Cause it’s all those little things that I fear

‘Cause I’m just a girl, I’d rather not be
‘Cause they won’t let me drive late at night
Oh, I’m just a girl, guess I’m some kind of freak
‘Cause they all sit and stare with their eyes
Oh, I’m just a girl, take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype

Oh, I’ve had it up to here
Oh, am I making myself clear?

I’m just a girl
I’m just a girl in the world
That’s all that you’ll let me be

Oh, I’m just a girl, living in captivity
Your rule of thumb makes me worrisome
Oh, I’m just a girl, what’s my destiny?
What I’ve succumbed to is making me numb
Oh, I’m just a girl, my apologies
What I’ve become is so burdensome
Oh, I’m just a girl, lucky me
Twiddle-dum, there’s no comparison

Oh, I’ve had it up to
Oh, I’ve had it up to
Oh, I’ve had it up to here

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No Doubt's "Just a Girl": A 90's New Wave Theme Towards Feminine Independence



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  1. Stephanie

    Oh you are speaking to my 90s-loving heart with this one! I loved No Doubt back in the day and have a few playlists just for my 90s music and have so many of their songs on there, this one included.

  2. Neely Moldovan

    Oh my gosh this entire album is so good! I remember getting it when it came out!

  3. Joline

    Grew up listening to No Doubt. Love all their songs and not just the hits. I still listen to them today decades later!

  4. Merveille

    This is such a fun song! I have never heard of the singer before now so thanks for sharing this with us. I really like discovering new-old music!

  5. Melanie williams

    I love this song!! It really does bring back so many happy memories so thank you for sharing x

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