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Nobody’s Wolf Child Talks About “Lost Among The Pines”

British Alt-Pop singer-songwriter Nobody’s Wolf Child released their third single “Lost Among The Pines”, which is the final piece of their first trilogy. With BBC Introducing describing her music as “full Imax” and blogs around the world intrigued by her unique blend of cinema, pop, and dark synth work.

Nobody’s Wolf Child recently talked to ai love music about their music, inspiration, and what was it like in creating “Lost Among The Pines”. Read the interview below while listening to this gorgeous tune. What do you like about “Lost Among The Pines”? Let me know in the comments!

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Please introduce yourself! What inspired the name Nobody’s Wolf Child?

Belonging to Nobody because you belong to yourself, a child ever learning with a pack of strange wolves in tow. That sort of vibe.

Nobody’s Wolf Child

What are your favorite musical genres and artists?

It changes a lot. At the moment I really enjoy listening to retro waves. It’s very unashamed about itself and I just love the 80s synths. And in a totally different genre, I’m also loving the album Folkesange by Myrkur it’s just so flawlessly beautiful!

How has 2022 been so far for you?

It’s been like a bag of jelly beans but most importantly it’s the year the songs were released so very special in that way and I focus on that.

What is the most important thing that you want to include in your music and why?

It’s not quite willingly including specific things but I suppose I would want listeners to pick up on certain connections within the tracks like is the imagery of the wolf child’s world coming across and judging by the type of listener we’re getting and by the comments that are definitely happening. Which is great.

Your press release mentions that “This record is the third and final part of her first trilogy of works, marking the beginning of the story of the Wolf Child”. Could you tell us a little more about this trilogy?

I do like to leave ambiguity with my descriptions as I don’t like to over colour the listening experience. Music is so beautifully subjective but…

The external influence and adversity experienced by the Wolf Child causes a reaction internally. This reaction I suppose you could describe as an awakening. Lost Among The Pines is at her most lost. Frozen and numb yet right where she should be to find her true self and her true place.

Speaking of “Lost Among The Pines”, what inspired you to write it?

A piano piece sent to me by a friend instantly had my mind in a frozen pine forest. It really was one of those songs that wrote itself.

It’s such a gorgeous track with its breathtaking cinematic soundscape. What was create the musical side of this song? What was your favorite part?

Thank you. My favourite part was writing the vocals and being lost in that place and seeing it come to life, then again when Matt and I worked on it to bring it up to where it is now with the light touch production. To hear it now is exactly how it should be. No more no less. It’s not the in-your-face drama like the others it has a quiet drama that pulls you in. It’s a grower.

Is there anything else you want listeners to listen to in your music?

I’d love for all the little immersive nuances to be heard so that they are pulled into the space the song is in as well as just hearing the song itself. I dream of the deep listening that comes with the more focused, ritualistic vinyl experience for the music. It’s the plan.

What is next for you?

More song releases, another trilogy. She knows more and is connecting with the wild, a much more dominant primal creature coming to the fore. It starts tomorrow (Friday the 10th) actually! With Green Fires. We are soon starting work on the live set, so we can take this baby on the road. Which I am beyond itching to do.

Finally, any messages for the readers?

Exhausted bumble bees are always up for a helping hand, please put them on flowers 🙂

Wasps can smell fear and they have a wicked sense of humour about it. Don’t hate them for that

Make sure to check out Nobody’s Wolf Child at the following:

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Nobody’s Wolf Child Talks About "Lost Among The Pines"

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