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Get a Taste of Nonstaglic Pop Punk With Nothing Special’s Newest EP

What was the musical genre that dominated your childhood? One musical genre that dominated my high school career was pop-punk. I went to high school in the mid-2000s when bands like Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Yellowcard, and Green Day were all popular. I would hear every day from the ready. But also around the breakfast table in the school cafeteria where my friends would discuss their new favorite artist or track.

When I stumbled across Canadian band Nothing Special’s newest EP, I was excited to listen to it! It was a mixture of a blast from a past but with modern touches. Why? Let’s find out below!

And Excited Blend of Past and Present

Nothing Special

Nothing Special” is a collection of 5 songs that we started writing two years ago.. Each song holds on to special memorabilia for the four of us. Each had its own writing process & they’ve all forgone many changes. We couldn’t be happier to have this released for the friends who have been waiting for it, and we are looking forward to our projects to come.

Nothing Special

The EP roars to life with its high-energy opening track “Warden”. When I first listened to this track, many memories flooded back as it “Warden” reminded me of the pop-punk of my youth. The same goes with each track as the EP features that familiar feel of punk music from the melodic vocals to the fast-paced, blazing guitar riffs. Even the lyrical content is very similar as each track take on the traditional storytelling element of pop-punk songs. For example, “Four Years Later”, is something that I would say when I was graduating from high school. Everything about this EP just brings so many memories.

Yet, the band does add a bit of modernism to the EP. For example, “Four Years Later” adds a hard rock element to the beginning while “Leslie Mackeral” tackles a modern take on punk rock. The band weaves their own personalities in each song with little techniques in the vocals or instrumentation. And they also insert their energy in such tracks as “Lavender” and “Tweaker”. Nothing Special stylized their music in such a way that can appeal to those who were pop-punk fans in the early 2000s, but also for the younger generations to keep pop-punk fresh.

Final Thoughts

Nothing Special’s newest EP is a refreshing take on the modernism of pop-punk. It is a nostalgic trip with its lyrical contents, high strung energy, melodic riffs, and the blazing instrumentation that is what made pop-punk in the 200s so riveting. However, the band can insert their take on the genre by adding personal lyrical contents, sounds, and textures to create a modern take. This EP is a refreshing listen, but also a great one. Every track features a pellicular uniqueness that is to be listened to carefully. These five tracks are also so addictive with the energic pop-punk deliciousness. Once listeners hit play, they cannot get enough of the EP!

Make sure to check out Nothing Special’s latest EP down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Nothing Special

Hailing from the underground Toronto/Durham scene, Nothing Special is a young, high-energy band driven by humor, aggressive riffs, and a passion for music. The band consists of Dan Bell on vocals/guitar, Gabriel Higazi on vocals/guitar, James Carr on bass, and Spencer Holmes on the tubs.

Make to follow Nothing Special at the following:

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Get a Taste of Nonstaglic Pop Punk With Nothing Special's Newest EP

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  1. Louraine

    Sounds like you enjoyed your high school years. music always makes it easier. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Rosey

    EPs are a blast from the past. Collecting them and listening to them was once one of my favorite things to do

  3. Rosey A

    EPs are a blast from the past for sure. Collecting them and listening to them used to be one of my favorite things to do.

  4. I listened to these bands a lot when I was little, my older sister was a fan and definitely wanted to fit in and get her better. Still smile when I occasionally hear any of these mid 00s songs

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