You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: The Groovy Rock Vibes From Ola Village’s “Plastic Crown”

The Daily Feature: The Groovy Rock Vibes From Ola Village’s “Plastic Crown”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Plastic Crown” by Norweigan Lo-fi Pop/Rock artist Ola Village.  It’s about the idiot you become – or clown if you will – when you fall in love with someone. Just like the lyrics, the musicality of “Plastic Crown” is a fun-loving one. It is filled with jet coaster melodic hills that create unique but playable textures to the song. This kind of vibe is extended to the instrumentation which features a colorful blend of acoustic guitars, synthesizers, drums, bass, and electric guitars.

Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the chorus as it features infectious, big energy, especially from the vocals. Catchy hooks echo from the vocal lines with a bouncy pulse that wants to make listen to dance along. The vocals are unique as they are backed with fun-loving vocals, yet there is a sense of doubling in the vocals. Of course, the lyrics aren’t ones to miss with loveable lines like “Be my Star Wars fantasy, you can skywalk over me”. Just love these lyrics!

If you are looking for a high-spirited, energetic Lo-Fi rock/pop song, then you have to check out Ola Village’s “Plastic Crown” today!

Check out “Plastic Crown” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Also, check out the artist’s newest EP entitled Famous:

About the Artist: Ola Village

Ola Village

This is what the artist had to say about himself:

Ever since my childhood while playing around in the valleys at the foot of Sunnmørsalpene in Norway, it’s been clear that I’ve had some kind of future in music. It is one of the few things in this world that truly makes sense to me – even when it doesn’t. Whatever that means.

At the age of six, I learned how to play the guitar from my grandmother who lived a few houses down in my home town. The first song I learned, that to this day still lies stored in my fingertips, was a Norwegian song that translates to the more we are together, the happier we become. And now I’m here 🙂 Wowza.

In later years I’ve grown fond of music that presents friction in one way or another. Names as Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Billie Eilish, and Tyler, the Creator have been major influences. I want to be able to talk about the sad parts of life, but with a positive touch and a playfulness that leaves people both smiling and crying at the same time. But maybe what I want most of all is to give people some hope through my music.

Make sure to check out Ola Village at the following:

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The Groovy Rock Vibes From Ola Village's "Plastic Crown"

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