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Olly Lagemann and Katja Stock Brings a Little Bit of Everything In `WEISS`

German rock-pop artists Olly Lagemann and Katja Stock are going back to the 80s and beyond with their newest EP WEISS. This four-track EP is filled with different messages of hope, optimism, and omnipresent things like friendship. These messages are sung over a modern German pop sound with hints of rock embedded within. But, there is a certain feeling of nostalgia in these tracks as there are sounds from the 80s and beyond in these tracks.

“Steile Zeit” (Steep Time) has that early 2000s punk feel, “Lass die Traurigkeit” (Leave the Sadness) features an 80’s rock twist, “Ein ganzes Leben” (A Whole Life) has that 90’s alternative rock sound, and then there is the beautiful ballad track “Nicht gehen” (Don’t go) that finishes the EP with its vulnerable transparency. This EP features a little bit of everything for the young and old in well-crafted melodies and relatable lyrics.

Make sure to check out WEISS down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Olly Lagemann and Katja Stock

Olly Lagemann and Katja Stock are not a blank slate when it comes to well-done rock-pop music from Germany. Katja, frontwoman of ‘Lost Anchor’ and ‘Docks 2850’, as well as Olly of ‘*Cats TV’ & ‘Loz Tinitoz* and Hedge Sidekick´ are already well-known faces on the stages of the north.

Katja and Olly met again after a long time on a joint project and reminisced (“Steep Time”) the two decided to write songs together again.

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