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One Cure For Man Is Back With “Too Many Songs”

Lancashire-based alternative rock/indie rock artist One Cure For Man, the solo project for James Parkinson, is back with a new single entitled “Too Many Songs”. The last time the artist was featured on ai love music was earlier this time when Parkinson talked about the release of “Humble”. But, how does his latest single fare? Is it a hit or a miss? And what is the meaning of the song? Let take a deeper look at One Cure For Man’s newest song below!

Everlasting Songwriting

One Cure For Man

One Cure For Man’s latest single ponders the question: “Is there still room for everlasting songwriting?” Parkinson wrote this to express the struggle to get the world to listen to well-written songs. “Songs are becoming more one dimensional and simple, dominated by the novelty of technology and sound. People seem to want easy, catchy songs and struggle to understand complex lyrics, subject matters, or chord sequences,” he explains, “I’m still optimistic there is an audience, but you can’t help feeling the sense of loss and the decline of songwriting as an art-form.”

I believe that artists, especially indie musicians, can relate to this as we live in a world of instant gratification. Listening to music isn’t the same 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. Parkinson crafts brilliant lyrics that tell of today’s world with too many songs and the struggle to share the ones that need to be shared.

Listeners should not only listen to “Too Many Songs” for its lyrics but its musicality. The track is comprised of melancholy piano, euphonious guitars, expressive strings, and smooth vocals. Each instrument is featured with its unique sounds. Acoustic guitars strumming along, the explosive electronic guitar solo at the break, beautiful piano ditties sprinkled throughout, and the strings stirring emotions at the end of the chorus. One should pay attention to the build-up as Parkinson does an astonishing job of starting soft and then progressing little by little until the song bursts with electrifying energy.

My favorite part is the end of the chorus. How the singer-songwriter brings the piano, vocals, guitar, and strings together is simply alluring. Parkinson decides to end the chorus with dark tones featured in the melody. The final line is melodious, but it features an intense sound that serves as food for thought in a way. This idea is further developed as the ending ends in a half-cadence, not completing the final melodic line. Instead, leaving as a cliffhanger that makes the listener continue to ponder. The songwriting in the chorus is a must-listen as Parkinson does a brilliant job crafting the melodies with such details.

Final Thoughts

“Too Many Songs” by One Cure For Man is a musical journey that will have listeners think about and hopefully appreciate the art-form of songwriting. Parkinson skillfully pens lyrics that reflect these thoughts. The musical side of the song brings “food for thought”. Each instrument and chord progression helps to highlight the urgency of carefully listening to music in today’s world. Exploring different sounds and ideas from ballad Bowie to the grandness of Suede, “Too Many Songs” is a must-listen for its intricate musicality and its deep lyrics.

Make sure to check out One Cure For Man’s “Too Many Songs” down below. Let me know what you think!

Make sure to check out One Cure For Man’s newest EP which features “Humble”, “Too Many Songs”, “Everything (Promise Me)”, and “The Haunted”. It also features different versions of these tracks. It is out today!

About the Artist: One Cure For Man

One Cure For Man

One Cure For Man started off as a band in 2009. However, as the bandmates left in 2012, Parkinson decided to make it into a solo project. “I started it off as a band, but it was obvious that I was running the whole thing,” he told me, “I experimented with different things, but by the end, it [the band] just fizzled. I just kept the name.” He didn’t mind sticking with the name, he quite liked it as many solo artists used band names.

His musical influences varied greatly as One Cure for Man loves guitar bands like The Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths, and Suede — anyone who wrote anything important in their own language. But, he also likes artists like Aztec Camera, Prefab Sprout, and Bowie. “I was looking for something more than just music,” he explained to me about his preferences, “I want the lyrics to be more in-depth.”

Although his music tends to be labeled as alternative rock, indies rock, rock, or Americana, he still doesn’t know how to categorize himself. “One minute, I am making a song that is more rock, and then the next one is more Americana, and then another is more like jazz.” This journey through these diverse musical genres is why he got into music. The English singer-songwriter doesn’t want to be just labeled one thing, as just being a “one musical genre” artist is boring. Instead, he wants his albums to be more like melting pots of different genres. Though, the singer-songwriter remarks that most of his music is bittersweet.

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One Cure For Man Is Back With “Too Many Songs"

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  1. Lyosha Varezhkina

    the song is fab! i really enjoyed listening to it and I am so full of emotions I can’t normally put into words. that’s actually what a good song means to me

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    It’s my first time knowing that he exist. Thank you for sharing!

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    I love the song lyrics behind this. I think he is a great artist.

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    Too Many Songs is such a beautiful song. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be adding it to my December playlist.

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    I love the song. I can listen tot this every day.

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    Wonderfully deep and touching music. Exactly right for winter 😉

  7. I got excited with the song title as too many songs & then enjoy it very much. Thanks for sharing this here

  8. Polly

    This is the first I’m not familiar with One Cure For Man, but I find his songs, particularly Too Many Songs, to be relatable. The song is a little gloomy, but I enjoy the message it’s attempting to convey.

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    This is interesting. I am not really familiar with him but I wouold love to listen to his new single. Thank you for sharing about One Cure For Man.

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