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One Cure For Man’s “Humble”: Moving On While Remembering The Past

Back in January, I had a pleasant chat with English alternative rock/indie rock artist One Cure For Man, the solo project for James Parkinson, over Zoom. For two hours, we chatted about his career in music, his influences, and his latest single “Humble”. Keep on reading to find out more about this warm, knowledgeable, and talented musician.

Who is One Cure For Man?

One Cure For Man

One Cure for Man started off as a band in 2009. However, as the bandmates left in 2012, Parkinson decided to make it into a solo project. “I started it off as a band, but it was obvious that I was running the whole thing,” he told me, “I experimented with different things, but by the end, it [the band] just fizzled. I just kept the name.” He didn’t mind sticking with the name, he quite liked it as many solo artists used band names.

His musical influences varied greatly as One Cure for Man loves guitar bands like The Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths, and Suede — anyone who wrote anything important in their own language. But, he also likes artists like Aztec Camera, Prefab Sprout, and Bowie. “I was looking for something more than just music,” he explained to me about his preferences, “I want the lyrics to be more in-depth.”

Although his music tends to be labeled as alternative rock, indies rock, rock, or Americana, he still doesn’t know how to categorize himself. “One minute, I am making a song that is more rock, and then the next one is more Americana, and then another is more like jazz.” This journey through these diverse musical genres is why he got into music. The English singer-songwriter doesn’t want to be just labeled one thing, as just being a “one musical genre” artist is boring. Instead, he wants his albums to be more like melting pots of different genres. Though, the singer-songwriter remarks that most of his music is bittersweet.

“Humble”: Moving On While Remembering The Past

One Cure For Man

“Humble” is the latest release from the English singer-songwriter. “It is basically about the celebration of life and the ones you love,” One Cure for Man told me about the meaning behind the lyrics, “But also, confronting the sadness that they are gone. And that means change and replacing.” He was inspired when he moved into his parent’s old home, remodeling his father’s guitar studio where he taught guitar. When One Cure for Man remodeled the room, he thought about how he was going to occupied space — teaching guitar and making music — all thanks to his father who gave him the space due to his passing. It sounds strange, the singer-songwriter told me, but that is how saw things in retrospect.

The video for the song is tying with his grandfather — a British Navy officer who was a Japanese Prisoner of War during World War II. — whom the video is dedicated to. “My son is in the video,” One Cure For Man describes the video, “It makes the lyrics a bit powerful as my four-year-old son is walking through the graveyard where my granddad and dad are buried. It has a juxtaposition of brand new life and then death.”

Looking Forward

When asked about his plans for the future, One Cure For Man told me that he has two new songs that he already recorded. He hopes to release them in the next couple of months. The singer-songwriter hopes to release an EP by the end of 2021 with these new songs, “Humble”, and his previously released single “The Haunted“.

But, for now, the singer-songwriter hopes that listeners think when they listen to “Humble”. He hopes that the combination of the lyrics and the music will make listeners ponder deeply. Don’t forget to listen to the Americana/Alternative rock-inspired melodies and the deep lyrics. Also, when you are done with “Humble”, be make sure to check out his other songs and albums as One Cure For Man is a talented, warm, and a knowledge artist who journeys throughout different genres with well-written tunes.

Make sure to check out One Cure For Man’s latest single “Humble” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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One Cure For Man's "Humble": Moving On While Remembering The Past

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