Onism E’s “My America”: A Profound Query on a Critical Matter

American band Onism E recently released their newest single entitled “My America”. A single that reflects the present: social discord in the United States. Black Live Matter protest and injustice towards Black Americans have sparked the quest for change not just in the United States, but all over the world.

Yet, what makes “My America” such a noteworthy song? How does it aid one to think about the current issues affecting the United States? Continue to read below to find out.

Finding “My America”

What makes “My America” such a powerful song is how it weaves melody with words together in an intricate way. The lyrics take a reflective look at what America means in the response to social discord, protests like Black Live Matters, and injustice. Eline — the band’s singer and songwriter — sings about what America means to her, yet she invites others to ponder on their own definition of America throughout the tune. These words pull the listeners through the song’s journey in hopes that they will be a voice of change.

The words are highlighted by a folk-rock melody. The choice of using folk-rock is an essential touch to “My America” as it really highlights the message behind the song. The soulful, emotive singing done by Eline adds such honesty and openness. It pulls the listeners further and further into the song, leading them to think deeply about the current events with each heartfelt note. The folk-rock melody with the soulful, emotive singing adds an important tone to the song that is done in such a superb manner.

Final Thoughts

“My America” by Onism E is such a powerful tune that challenges one to reflect on the current issues and invites them to take action. Words and melodies that are woven together perfectly to create a powerful message. Lyrics that invites one to view Eline’s own portrait of America but invites listeners to paint their own. A folk-rock melody that adds an important depth with a folk-rock melody a soulful, emotive singing. With all these elements woven together perfectly, “My America” will surely inspire listeners for years.

Make sure to listen to “My America” below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Onism E

Being in only one place at one time can be difficult for those of us wishing to experience all the planet has to offer. Soulful indie-rockers Onism E attempt to bring it all together to share a worldly adventure with their fans.

Frontwoman Eline Chavez takes her journey of being born in California, raised in Texas, and now calling New York City home, and puts it all into her emotion-fueled songwriting. Inspired by groundbreaking female rockers like Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt, and Melissa Etheridge, Eline has taken this energy to new levels with the Onism E project.

To flesh out the sound, guitarist Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas, bass player Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez, and drummer ‘Raj’ were brought into the mix. Their additional energy and inspiration elevate Onism E to a new level and truly set the group apart from the masses.

Engaging with Onism E is stepping into a world of compassion with arms wide open. The music breeds a connection to the listener and the warmth of the band members further ignites the relationship between fan and band. Everyone is welcome to come and take their own place in the emotionally riveting journey.

Onism E is a culmination of life experiences wrapped up in a soulful package that is carving a unique space within the indie rock world. Every live show is guaranteed to move you in more ways than one. So walk this journey with them and together we will all find the faith to keep pushing forward.

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